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A planet, or possibly moon (don't get me started) in Wars. The equivalent of Endor. Featured in Episode 6. Inhabited by Furries (an Ewok-like tribe of living teddy bears).

The joke name is based on the fact that the name Endor originally comes from a place in the Bible, and the phrase 'The Witch of Endor' is used therein, hence Witchof-Endor.

The Empire built the Death's Tar in orbit of Endor. The Rebels attempted to sabotage the shield generator on the moon that was protecting the Death's Tar. The Furries tried to help and were promptly slaughtered by the Empire's far more technologically advanced and superbly trained elite troops. However, the shield generator was eventually disabled when Patrick Moore mistook it for a radio telescope and “moveditawayVERYVERYQUICKLYsothatwemightseethetailoftheDaylightCometwhichpromisestobeVERYVERYINTERESTINGINDEED!”

As suggested by Curtis Saxon on the Star Wars Technical Commentaries website, when the Death's Tar was destroyed, the debris raining down into the atmosphere of Witchof resulted in it catching fire and all life on the moon being annihilated. This didn't stop the Rebels having a barbecue inside their sealed compound.

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