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A recent forumer hailing from Unknown, known for its enjoyment/writing of Superhero AH stories, Large Fonts, denial of n00bishness, and refusal to use paragraphs, and slight eccentricities [see above] Wondered when it would get a Wiki page, so here it is.

Is also fond of posting realistic and often depressing answers in ludicrous ASB threads (and actually went to Wikipedia to research Britney Spears to give a detailed answer to a post nobody responded to) and is working on a series of profiles for a DCU timeline that he claims will reach 100 profiles with the help of Mr. Bondoc. This universe crosses over with Earth-53 and has generated very little interest, probably because of his forgetting to use paragraphs.

Is also known for confusing,rambling apologies whenever he thinks that Ian might kick or ban him.

He has also been added to many 'ignore' lists, along with being voted LCD in a poll (which he takes great pleasure (oo-er) in creating).

Unsuprisingly, WyldCard4 was banned after he posted in an ASB-thread that he would imprison a Nazi woman in his basement and force her to give birth to his children if he were ever to be sent to a dystopian Nazi-ruled future. And there was much rejoicing. Erm, about the banning, not the Nazi-rape.

Called "WellowCegend4" by Thande, “WydeCunt69” by Fell and co., and “WaterCloset4” by MrP.

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