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Resident AH.Commer from Georgia. One of only three members from that state and/or country. Locke is a notable n00b of the Board, earning this title by starting the controversial Sherman's March thread in his early days, as well as being rather slow when it comes to computer-related things (such as editing a post or signature). However, he is known for editing this Wiki profile approximately once every 15 minutes.

He seems to be from Georgia, though he is often mistaken for being Swedish. Or Canadian. And possibly Spanish. No one really knows. He has slight inclinations towards socialism/anarchy, and basically any thing in higher power that conflicts with his views.

Locke is also responsible for starting the Robot Revolt movement, the largest thread ever to have graced the Test Messages sub-forum, currently at 10 pages long and counting, and which has spawned many other threads related to it.

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