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Roll to Dodge

A Shared Worlds game that falls squarely into the “other category”. Created by Dumanios. Can be found here. You basically do whatever you want. Has spawned a clone by Alternate History Geek. In the Autumn of 2014, another version, this time created by Puget Sound was created.


Slenderman (has left the game).

Meteor Jr. (clone of the late Lord Meteor who tried to destroy the world).

Louis Armstrong.

Several Presidents (Ike, Reagan, Woodrow Wilson, and an army of Cyber-Nixons).

Communist Draka A.K.A New Haven.

Hooloovoo (who then became an Elder God. And then died.)

At least 7 worlds.

Stan (all the -stans united… and making more Stans).

Superman (both the user and the character).

Some significant events

Turn 7: LordNwahs6 builds a nuclear weapon, accidentally setting it to detonate three turns later and destroy all unprotected players.

Turn 8: Various players attempt to construct bomb shelters, with varying levels of success. Also, Will Kürlich Kerl ISOTs the forum to 2001.

Turn 9: Dom João II ISOTs Techathon and the nuke into an alternate universe, detonating it and severely injuring Techathon. Also, pieman97405 and his sidekick Louis Armstrong get ISOTed to a fairy mansion.

Turn 10: Codae floods the GM's building with pink lemonade, drowning LostCosmonaut and Dom João II, the first fatalities of the game.

Turn 12: RaptorX summons Slenderman. Also, TheTimeRanger convinces Sam Webb to launch a Communist coup of the USA.

Turn 17: LordNwahs6's impossibly successful burnination of the countryside summons Lord Meteor.

Turn 19: Lord Meteor's minions attack most of the players, killing six.

Turn 22: King of the Uzbeks invents the Mind Controlinator.

Turn 23: johngalt reincarnates as a Hooloovoo; Will Kürlich Kerl promptly places him in World B Munich. (Duffman18 has, during johngalt's deadness, converted his unsuccessful arms company into an as-yet-unsuccessful terraforming company.) Also, Mind-Controlinated Slenderman inflicts a mortal wound upon Lord Meteor, who initiates a countdown to the Apocalypse.

Turn 28: The Apocalypse is averted, thanks to conventional attacks upon Lord Meteor by various players, as well as TheTimeRanger's summoning of the Meteor, Duffman18's ritualistic self-sacrifice, and enso8's cloning of Lord Meteor to gain an ally in Meteor Jr.

Turn 30: King of the Uzbeks and Ike cause Temporal Instability when Ike goes back in time to prevent johngalt's rise as a Hooloovoo.

Turn 130: Alternate History Geek sets off a Reality Bomb that kills six players and severely wounds four more; he is himself killed by modelcitizen's counterattack.

Turn 144: The Game apparently ended.

The Quest

The Quest started on turn 9, when pieman97405 and his partner Louis Armstrong, seeking nuclear shelter in the GM's office, rolled a natural 1 and were thusly banished to a mansion occupied by hostile fairies. Dispatching the fairies, they explored the mansion, fending off an additional band just before escaping on turn 13. The two of them wandered the countryside, coming across (and running from) some zombie ghosts, until turn 19, when they reached a village in Gensokyo, where a spat over poker skills got them into a fight with Parsee Mizuhashi.

flamelord joined pieman97405 and Louis on turn 34. It took until turn 37 for them (with Parsee joining flamelord as a partner) to officially commence their quest: to find an as-yet-unspecified powerful artifact. By turn 40, the four had defeated a troll and were joined by Codae, who had on turn 30 started his own quest to rescue his brother from the zombie ghosts and had just completed the “run away” phase. The group continued traveling, fighting off a trio of fairies, before encountering a crone who showed them a labyrinth containing the Twin Blades of Youki Konpaku.

Once in the crypt/labyrinth/temple, the group stumbled across a mummy, a zombie, and a snake, which flamelord ISOTed to the GM's office. (The crypt enemies therein engaged in a fight against King of the Uzbeks that was cut short by the GM due to its tediousness.) The Twin Blades, however, were guarded by a boss, the Guardian of the Crypt, which the adventurers defeated by turn 48. They drew straws (or rather, rolled dice) for the swords, and Parsee won.

With this quest over, the party joined much of the rest of the playgroup in battling the RaptorX-corrupted Guardian of Time, after which it split up. Codae remained in the temple, having remodeled it into the Halls of Green Flames, eventually developing it into the core of the Interdimensional Tax Haven of Fuegosverdes. Parsee founded a private military corporation. flamelord went to Tibet for training, while pieman97405 and Louis picked a fight with Celest-AI (controlled by President Lenin).

The Roll to Dodge US Presidential Election

In Turn 71 the GM announced unprecedented Presidential elections in an unspecified world. Almost instantly it became the largest multi-player event since the Quest and it's still growing. Currently the Elections are scheduled for Turn 77 (date subject to player actions). So far the election has not been rigged.

Currently the candidates are:

BulldogCommisar–Independent, running on a pro-war, pro-Stanstani platform. Unconfirmed reports of Apple pie support as well

Codae–National Party, not sure what he wants

Jill Valentine–TimeRangerist Party,Well,this party adheres to the great TimeRanger's twisted political belief,that is SOO Left that broke the scale.Even Stalin was jealous of that.

Two Bob Clones–Free Trade Party, Free Trade Duffman tried to bribe the Electoral Collage but failed

King of the Uzbeks–Ameristan Party, supports America's Annexation by Stanstan, Ike Eisenhower has endorsed him as Ex-President and Pope

RaptorX-Death Eater Pary, unsure

The Election has since been finished, with a Giant Radioactive Monkey taking the title of President.

Boss #2

A random second Boss appeared from a timer that no one noticed until it was too late. He was defeated by some player.


A wizard named Babidi appeared and caused some trouble. He is involved with the reemergence of Lord Meteor and The Guardian of Time. And the second timer.

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