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Now haz wikipage. Kewl, ey ? No.

Originally known under the username “TheTimeRanger” (until later in 2016).

A member from Indonesia who joined in 2012, the only craziest one from that country. Enthusiastic new guy with potential. Active in Shared Worlds RPs.Tends to play as Psychopaths, freaks, wierdos on those RP's. Always failed to start a RP game. Always swearing to never return to NG, but failed. Possibly the Embodiment of Insanity and Such. Avid videogamer. Also known for his knowledge of Horror Movies …well …fanaticism. He also known for his hate against-everything new, such as Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bethesda softworks, GTAV… Believes that Woodrow Wilson IS a god, and puts him as the joke option in all of his polls.


Finished writing an Oldboy remake, in an Indonesian setting. Religions

Audie/TimeRanger/Harry has also been an avid proselytizer of the Wilsonian Belief, a new system of faith he invented on his own and then revealed to the troubled masses of

In Fiction

The eponymous character of TheTimeRanger, the badass Captain of the Imperial Bodyguard of Grand Vizier Gian of the Glorious Pinoy Empire from Enterprise, is based on him.

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