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Puget Sound

Member of the forum hailing from the Puget Sound area of Western Washington state, hence the name. He is a libertarianish liberal Democrat who is hawkish on foreign policy. Member of the Polityanks, runner of various election games in Shared Worlds, and voter for various Washingtonians and other Cascadian candidates in election games. Runner of the gentle parody Bun account.


Eurowank or President Tony Blair of the European Union

There are also a few mostly abandoned projects that I'll never get around to updated in their original threads, but simply start new threads with better, longer versions.

Puget Sound's Election Games

A list of Puget Sound's election games.

The Future Of Britain

A long running election games series run by Puget Sound. Involves RL politicians and AH.commers, along with celebrities, improbably strong minor parties, and various other assorted crazies running for office in the United Kingdom of England (formerly the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland before all the Celtic nations seceded). PM Puget Sound if you want a cameo in the series in the future.

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