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Colour Schemes : Unified Colour Palette (UCP)

Another alternative to the UCS is the Unified Colo(u)r Palate (UCP), as devised by 09camaro. This revision has the integral changes of Susanoism, as well as additional territories that have been added. 09camaro was the first and foremost proponent of adding many different historical and territorial regions throughout the UCS revision period. Babylon and the Hunnic Empire were those that were added to the UCS. Though continued debate from 09camaro calls for the addition of several more national colors. The most heated topics involve the inclusion of Hungary, Korea, and Ethiopia; with some minor debate over Brazil, Pakistan, Siam, and the Khmer Empire (the latter use a different color from one another to further distinguish during the periods of their co-existence). 09camaro continues to push for the changes for the UCP to become the predominant OTL coloring system, which will not likely happen.

09Camaro's Unified Colour Palette was eventually absorbed (sans Susanoist conventions) into Thande's original Universal Colour Scheme as part of the reforms after the Civil War, Russian Poll and proliferation of minor colour additions. This was due to many of the UCP's colours being used in the UCS by most people anyway, and then some others getting thrown in. Suffice to say, it got messy.

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