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Colour Schemes : Global Colour Scheme

A reformist map colour scheme created by Iori around the time when the UCS Reform was beginning. Iori had been working on it roughly concurrently with Thande's TCS, as an independent effort at a new derivative of the original UCS. While not unsuccessful, it has remained a rather niche product - a “Linux/Ubuntu of Colour Schemes”, if you will… It is mainly used by Iori, but has a few additional followers.

In its early days, the GCS had also been known as the ICS, with the acronym standing either for “Iori's Colour Scheme” (self-explanatory) or “Imperial Colour Scheme” (because of perceived advantages for colouring maps containing many ancient, medieval or early modern countries).

Alex Richards' quick summary of the GCS' history :

Thande officially declared the UCS dead in the chaos of the Colour Wars, before resurrecting it as the TCS. This was then expanded by myself and the basemap team to the TCS+, which was eventually renamed the RCS.

Iori meanwhile merged much of the TCS with what he'd independently added to create the GCS, some colours from which would end up being used in the RCS, though often for different purposes.

Iori's additional notes to the above summary :

Actually, I created the GCS at the beginning of the color wars period, so it either came to be before the TCS or at the same time.


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