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Colour Schemes : Revised Colour Scheme (RCS)

Created primarily by Alex Richards, with feedback from Thande. Also known as the Richardean Colour Scheme or Thandean-Richardean Colour Scheme.

The completed version of the RCS is currently used for all resource basemaps stored on the wiki. The RCS is an expansion of the TCS revision of the original UCS.

Key threads and posts

Ancient Revised Colour Scheme

Variant of the RCS destined to overcome the limitations of this colour scheme on ancient and medieval mapping.

Compatible with normal RCS and using the same basic features, it propose different interpretations for colours and outline in order to fit political geography preceding Westphalian Sovereignty concept

It is concieved to evolve along RCS change.

Version 3.4A

3.4.1A (Current)

Discussions on RCS

See Also

Thandean Colour Scheme - What the RCS evolved from (specifically, from version TCS+).

New Revised Basemap Series - An archive of basemaps on the wiki, all of them utilizing the RCS key.

TACOS Colour Scheme - Currently the only other major competitor of the RCS.

Global Colour Scheme - Minor colour scheme currently in use.

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