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Colour Schemes : TACOS

The most recent successful attempt at an alternative to the UCS was pioneered by oshron. Originally called the “New UCS” and occasionally the “Oshronic Color Scheme” (OCS), the color scheme was eventually named TACOS.

This is a humorous acronym, based off the initials of some of the most significant contributors to the project (well, at leas the ones whose names could spell out something funny). Hence the name “Turquoise Blue-A.M. Turtle-Carcosa-Oshron-Super Parker Brothers Scheme”. Other major contributors to the TACOS Scheme were The Germanator, IsraFrance, and TurkishCapybara.

TACOS' ultimate point is/was to provide as many options as possible for different settings, citing examples from fiction, and dividing them into smaller palettes for each broad group (for example, “North America” covering many different alternatives to the traditional USA and CSA colors). It also provided colors for countries and peoples not traditionally included in the UCS, such as additional countries from the Indian Subcontinent and Latin America and an entirely new palette for Amerindians from the United States and Canada. Another change made was to include as many original UCS colors as possible but replace some of the original colors with new, “more fitting” colors like true Islamic Green for Arabia, legitimate Feldgrau for Germany, and an invented color for the American South that Oshron appropriately calls “Confederate Butternut”, based on the 20th century uniforms of Confederate soldiers in Timeline-191. Recently, a “Version 2.0” project has been initiated to fill in gaps left by the original “final” version of TACOS, and ultimately abandoned Confederate Butternut in favor of a revised Confederate Gray (though with Butternut still being used elsewhere in TACOS). The revised TACOS will also include “specific palettes” for narrower regions (such as only US states) along with entirely fictional settings, such as fantasy or science-fiction maps.

This colour scheme was later revised twice by oshron, who also acts as the CS' main caretaker these days.


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