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Colour Schemes : Thandean Colour Scheme (TCS)

Susanoism was only a difference in terms of which way round de jure and de facto should be shown in terms of outlining (the UCS Civil War actually relegated this to the past, (particularly after Susano was banned) with afterwards everyone using the UCS standard of outlining for de jure and colouring for de facto.). 09Camaro's Unified Colour Palette was eventually absorbed (sans Susanoist conventions) into Thande's original Universal Colour Scheme as part of the reforms after the Civil War, Russian Poll and proliferation of minor colour additions (this was due to many of the UCP's colours being used in the UCS by most people anyway, and then some others getting thrown in. Suffice to say it got messy).

This basically resulted in the Thandean Colour Scheme which introduced the Green/Gold Russia compromise and the RGB coding to prevent colour decay. The current standard grew out of the additions to the TCS required for the OTL basemaps (particularly the medieval era), and so was referred to as the TCS+, until the additions ended up as large as the original key. At this point it became the Revised Colour Scheme (partially as Alex Richards had been doing most of the work to catelogue colours leading to people referring to it as the Richardean Colour Scheme, though he personally doesn't use that), both shorthanded to RCS, the most updated version of which is here.

Key threads and posts

TCS (Rough Draft) Visual Overview

The TCS+ Appendix/Expansion Visual Overview

UCS Clarification Conference - A major discussion thread of the board's Mappist Cabal that eventually led to the creation of the TCS.

See Also

Universal Colour Scheme - Thande's original map colour scheme project, the first ever CS on The TCS is a derivative and successor to the UCS.

Revised Colour Scheme - After some mutual discussions and tests, Thande and Alex Richards devised the RCS, which is a direct spiritual successor to the TCS+ version of the TCS, rather than a modified derivative.

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