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The Many Nations of North America

After the victory of the Confederate States, the United States of America reformed itself into a much looser federal system. However, this weakening of the federal structure proved disastrous, and in the 1930s the entire federal union collapsed into numerous new nations. The collapse was so far-reaching that even the Confederate States suffered the division. By the end of the 20th century the setup was in place for the North American War.

This timeline originally came into being as a Double Blind What If thread by Redem, posing the simple question: how did you live the war? It rapidly evolved, and today there are two threads of over 20 pages each discussing the events of the HDYLTW TL.

At current, the TL mostly existed through a series of posts on both threads, a variety of Wiki entries, a rudimentary timeline and a series of written works regarding several nations, particularly the Second Vermont Republic. Updates are continuing.


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