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Named after MrP as he was the first member to do it regularly, Gaaaahhhhhh!!-ing is a practice adopted in response to certain mistakes by either members or quoted news sources, etc. What provokes a Gah depends on the member (see below). Sargon recognised the utility of the 'Gah!' to let off steam, and created a thread called “Gah! Central” so that everyone could express their feelings.

Gah-worthy offences by member


  • Grocer's apostrophes (or should I say grocers apostrophe's)
  • Referring simply to the 'past tense' in English
  • General poor spelling or grammar
  • Getting classical history wrong
  • Getting the classification of warships wrong e.g. the BBC's penchant for referring to everything from a rowing boat to an oil tanker as a “battleship”.
  • P is almost as disturbed by the BBC's parallel tendency to believe anything that moves on land, is vaguely armoured, and has soldiers in it is a “tank”, even if it is blatantly an APC or self-propelled artillery piece or whatever…


  • Expressing views about India from a position of no knowledge
  • Backdating Japanese Meiji-era power into prehistory
  • Poor spelling or grammar, although Flocc corrects it in a teacherish fashion rather than Gahhing. For the sake of fairness, he only upbraids native Anglophones.


  • People, usually Americans, making ignorant and inaccurate claims about the Celtic parts of the British Isles (see: Ridiculously Overpowered Ireland, Uber Cornwall, Scottish Aircraft Carriers)
  • The BBC's coverage of science news stories (see: BBC System of Measurements)
  • Americans who think, for some bizarre reason, that British people have bad teeth
  • People who have daft and overinflated ideas about certain areas of scientific research (e.g. nanotechnology, genetic engineering) from having read techno-thrillers and techwank military pulp
  • People who quote very old, very notorious, very tired Monty Python sketches as though they were on telly for the first time last night and are enormously amusing.
  • People (especially Britons!) getting the naming terminology of the UK/England/British Isles/Great Britain mixed up.


  • People confusing “German” with “Germanic” (and also people who use poetic English synonyms for German such as “Teutonic”)
  • People who disunite Germany on maps (under ANY circumstances)

Marius and Haggis

  • People ignorantly writing off Africa as an AIDS-ridden hellhole that would be better off under the Draka.



  • EA redefining the Red Alert series as a separate universe to the original Command&Conquer, and using 'Tiberium' rather than 'Tiberian' as an adjective, and lots more…

Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy (VoCSe)

  • People who think Romania is Slavic. Although he usually reacts to this by sarcastically playing along, rather than Gahhh-ing per se.

Analytical Engine

  • People who keep forgeting to show Tenasserim as British in maps before and including World War II, despite the fact that Britain gained it 1826 after the First Anglo-Burmese War.
  • People who keep using the word “then” instead of the word “than” when the later is more correct. (I'm looking at you, Scarecrow)
  • People who think that humanity could actually beat evil invading aliens by themselves. Mostly, these people think that there is something that humanity has that no other species has which allows them to overcome impossible odds. This is usually authoral fiat…
  • People who still consider Pluto to be a planet. AE sides with the International Astromonical Union, who have reclassified it as a dwarf planet.

Emperor Qianlong

  • People who think that the next land war in western Europe will break out any moment now.
  • People who think that a new ice age will happen within 100 or even just 50 years, and that Europe will be covered by glaciers within a decade…


  • People who abbreviate the Soviet Union as 'SU' rather than 'USSR'.


  • People who draw straight borders on maps without taking the curvature of the Earth into account (“CURVE THE BORDERS!!!!!11111”)


  • Maps made with MSPaint.


  • When Americans think that an invasion of Canada/Quebec during the ARW would have resulted in them being greeted with open arms and flowers. And pre-1870 PODs with Manitoba, and maps showing Nunavut in 1861, and basically any other ignorance of Canadian history. He's started a thread and everything.

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