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Moé!Dictators' Club

The Moé!Dictators' Club is a group of AH.commers who, after an artbook portraying historical dictators in Japanese moé style came to light, decided to take pictures of said moé!dictators as profile pictures.


  • President and Chief of Staff Kyrator (moé!Antonio Salazar/Antonimoé Salazar): the de jure Head of State and Government of the Moé!Dictatorship
  • Attorney General Oshron (moé!Slobodan Milošević/Slobodan Moéšević): the de facto leader of the Moé!Dictatorship
  • Head of Church/Kyrator's “Sidekick” Sidheach (moé!Maximiliano Hernández Martínez/Maximilimoé Hernández Martínez): turned all churches into brothels and made beer worship mandatory
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs Turquoise Blue (moé!Francisco Franco/Francisca Francmoé)
  • Head of Education Massa Chief (moé!Mustafa Kemal Atatürk)
  • Head of “Acquisitions” Dom João II (moé!Manuel Noriega/Manuel Moeiega)
  • Head of Secret Police/Waste Management FgenLuke (moé!Joseph Stalin/Moéseph Stalin)
  • Æsir (moé!Khorloogiin Choibalsan/Khorloogiin Chmoéibalsan)
  • mcdo (moé!Ferdinand Marcos/Ferdinand Moécos)
  • MissWhatsittoya (moé!Augusto Pinochet/Augustmoé Pinochet)
  • NothingNow (moé!Fidel Castro/Fidel Castrmoé)
  • Kome (moé!Pol Pot/Moé Pot)
  • Wolf Tengu (moé!Jomo Kenyatta/Moémo Kenyatta)
  • Alternate History Geek (moé!Saddam Hussein)
  • TheTimeRanger (moé!Manuel Noriega): claim for Moé!Noriega conflicts with Dom João II's
  • kingbaldrick (moé!Siad Barre)

Pending Membership

  • Onyx (moé!Hugo Chavez)
  • Beedok (Ayumu “Osaka” Kasuga)

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