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The Post Count Bill (Lurkers' Rights Bill)

The Post Count Bill was drafted and introduced to Parliament in response to a bill on the floor of the Alsace-Lorraine Vicariate Estates. Deputy Solomaxwell6 (EGO Coalition) revived the Citizenship Act first drafted by Deputy Toryanna68 (FFF). Solomaxwell added Provision II-II, stating, “All citizens must have at least 200 posts.” The revised bill was presented to the Estates on September 10, 2009.

In response, MP Benkarnell (ESP) introduced the Post Count Bill in Parliament on September 12 “to prevent some shennanigans from going on down in Alsace-Lorraine.” Its purpose was to make it illegal for the Estates discriminate by number of posts. The bill touched on the right of Parliament to regulate the Territories, and Susano (FFF), MP as well as Imperial Vicar of Alsace-Lorraine, declined to vote on it.

The same day, Susano appeared before the Vicariate Estates and threatened to veto the Citizenship Bill because it did “not somehow solve the problem of everybody and their uncle going to A-L because theres no incentive to join any other region.” Deputy FallenMorgan (DISPPR) thereupon changed his vote on the Citizenship from Aye to Nay, assuring its defeat. At the same time, Susano argued in Parliament that a number of issues remained to be resolved regarding Territorial Reform. Seeing that the immediate issue had passed with the defeat of Alsace-Lorraine's Citizenship Bill, Benkarnell withdrew the Lurkers' Rights Bill from consideration on September 13 and promised to reintroduce it as an amendment to any future Territorial Reform Bill.

Text of the Bill

WHEREAS the number of posts in no way indicates any Member's fitness to participate in political discourse,

BE IT RESOLVED that post count shall never be taken into consideration in decisions involving any Member or Members' participation in AH.Com Government or Politics, or in the government or politics of its constituent territories.


Voted Aye

maverick (E), lothaw (E), Paladin (E), Jimbrock (FFF), Benkarnell (ESP) (5)

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