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Legislature Naming Bill of 2009


After the passage of the Landsraad Act of 2008, the Parliament became a bicameral legislature and some noted that the Lower House was now, awkwardly, also named the “Parliament of”. In order to address this, Minister of Bismarckian Artefacts Krall proposed the Parliament Renaming Bill of 2009, which would officially change the name of the Lower House to the “Diet of”. The bill failed to pass, though, thanks to the efforts of LightInfa (E), who opposed the new name. On March 10, LightInfa resigned in order to run for a seat in the Landsraad as an FFF candidate. This bill was introduced shortly afterward.


On March 10, Deputy Prime Minister LordInsane (E) submitted a draft of this bill to the Lower House. LightInfa - still sitting MP until Evil Party Chairman Sargon appointed a replacement - suggested holding off on submitting any new legislation as “it would be bad form to present bills right before the Landsraad election which gives the impression that you want it passed before the Landsraad can give its voice on it” and suggested “a moratorium on legislation until the Landsraad is convened”.

LordInsane (E) disagreed with LightInfa: “I find such unwise, in particular as the purpose of the act is to remove unclarities in naming that will become an issue the moment the Landsraad is seated, but not before. Therefore, it would appear to be prudent to present, and vote, on this act before the Landsraad elections. Even more so as it would be this lower chamber that would be most affected by the provisions of this Act. The effect upon the Landsraad would be neglible. Secondly, there exists the possibility of unforseen events requiring legislating prior to the date of the elections. A moratorium would be problematic in such circumstances, however unlikely they may appear now.”

09camaro (E) pointed out the bill's similarity to the Parliament Renaming Bill of 2009, noting that the previous bill had failed to pass, but LordInsane (E) insisted that this bill was new: “Any apparent similarities at first glance aside, this is an entirely new bill, presented to this Parliament.” LightInfa called foul on this, calling it “effectively the same bill”. 09camaro (E) agreed with LightInfa: “regardless. the bill is the same. changing the wording of a bill does not make it a new bill if the effects would be the same. i absolutely refuse to believe that by changing the words within a document will change the document on the whole.”

LordInsane (E) defended his position: “What was already, de facto, in effect, mayhap. De jure, it was not made clear whether Parliament would refer to this house, both houses together, or this house and the entire legislature. And that was the purpose of this Act: to make such clear,” but ultimately decided to withdraw the bill after new, undisclosed, information came to his attention.

Proposed Text of Legislation

1. Be it resolved that after the 2009 March elections to the Landsraad as per the Landsraad Act of 2009, the legislative chamber presently known as the Parliament of shall be known as the Diet of

2. Any bills, acts, or other measures passed or proposed prior to the successful completion of said elections must use the name Parliament to refer to this legislative chamber, and these bills shall then apply to the Diet after the relevant date.

3. Be it further resolved that, after the date of 2009 March elections to the Landsraad, the Landsraad of and the Diet of shall collectively be known as the Parliament of, and any subsequent bills passed and proposed shall use this term correctly and accordingly.


This bill was withdrawn on March 10, 2009.

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