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“Fucking spiders…”

Hailing from the often forgotten land of Chile, specifically, Modern MordorSantiago, Nerupe joined the boards back in 2009 and is characterized by long periods of lurking interspersed with zealous, almost maniacal, posting of either updates to his stories (which he really should get around to updating soon) or regular visits to Non-Political and Political Chat subforums.

One of the apparent handful of Chilean members on the board.

Personal stuff


* Firmly in favor of the Metric system. Considers that a measuring system that uses 'people's body parts', as he calls it, to work to be 'savage'.

* Stargate SG-1

* Spaaaace!


* Spiders

* The Chilean Left

* The Chilean Right

* Nerupe

Works on the Board

a.) Alliance Universe

Suddenly, Warzone - Follows the adventures of various groups of people in the city of Albia, which becomes the battlefield for two Multiversal Powers bent on destroying the other. No matter who gets caught in between.

b.) Other Stuff

And the Condor Took Flight - A mysterious ring made out of an unknown material is found in the ruins of the port of Valparaiso after the Spanish bombard it in 1866. Thirteen years later, and with war looming on the horizon, the Chilean Army has finally made it work. 19th Century SG-Program.

Tales From the Academy

Dear Diary - Snippets from an Earth contacted by another Universe. You should always remember, every silver lining has a cloud behind it.

In Culture

Is Anne Romney, apparently.

Also a member of the Coleman Coalition (after all, he invented the name for it).

In Fiction

The eponymous character of Nerupe, a crew member and one of the five commanders of the MES-2 Uchronia from Enterprise, is based on him.

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