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Board member from Texas.

He stumbled upon when searching on Google for “What if China had stayed a monarchy,” interested in the consequences of a Meiji-like revolution in China. He discovered Hendryk's Superpower Empire China 1912, joined the website (after which he immediately necroed the TL before knowing what necromancy was, and is indirectly responsible for its subsequent revival by Doctor What), and never looked back.

His interests range widely, but tend to focus on ASB timelines, most especially those centered on Tolkien's works.

He has read nearly all of Tolkien's works set in Middle-earth, with the exception of some volumes of The History of Middle-earth, and has even chosen as the topic of his doctoral dissertation the song cycle “The Road Goes Ever On,” set to the poetry of Tolkien. He is a strong proponent of Arda ATL's, and his own largest project has been an alternate history of the Third Age.

He also enjoys general discussion of Tolkien's works, and started the Tolkien General Discussion Thread and Middle-earth WIs! as places for Tolkien enthusiasts to gather on the board.

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