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An American, JP_Morgan is a not especially active member of He is of Italian, Irish, Anglo Saxon, and Amerindian heritage. He is a resident of Josephine County, Oregon, a rather boring place with not a whole lot to do. (Go to the skate park, and other crap which does not come to his mind.)

He likes to play World of Warcraft, smoke pot, listen to heavy metal (especially Pantera and Slayer!) and gangsta rap. He often goes to parties and gets quite drunk, which augments what most people consider his normally odd and occasionally unstable behavior. He has had several girlfriends, most of, oddly (or not) would be considered mildly attractive.


a.) Timelines

JP_Morgan loves ancient history TLs, particularly eternal or longer lasting Romes, because they are simpler to follow without a lot of weapons and sports details, which he doesn't pick up on immediately. He also likes Jared's Decades of Darkness.

As for his own timelines:

Alexander the Great isn't poisoned - To date, JP_Morgan has done only one more detailed TL, which you can find here. Started in 2006, the timeline's POD is that where Alexander the Great doesn't die in 323 BC, and goes on to conquer Carthage, Rome, and India.

He also helped with some of the wiki documentation for ericams2786's Imperium Aeternum, a Roman timeline started in 2007.

b.) Other writings

A few years ago, he put in his name for the novel contest started by Midgard.

Shared Worlds projects

He has contributed events to XXth Century and Alternate Present.

In Fiction

JP_Morgan does not participate in any The Series or fan fiction scenarios. Religions

If he follows any board religions, it is likely Strahism. Lately, though he has had little time even for that, and often struggles, to get posts in chat.

Political Views

JP_Morgan is known to be a pretty strong conservative by most of the board who has made clear his anti-immigration views. He is also in favor of more powers being delegated to the states and is strongly opposed to gun control. He is fairly liberal socially, (doesn’t believe politics and religion should mix) but is opposed to most federal government programs, mainly because he believes them to be poorly managed, and some, like universal health care, would require too much bureaucracy. Politics

He is a member of the EVIL Party and is currently in a nod to the financial connotations of his name, the Chancellor of the Exchequer for

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