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Imperium Aeternum (a.k.a. Rome Aeterna)

Imperium Aeternum is a TL created by ericams2786 in 2005, then revised in 2010. It deals with the subject of Rome conquering a lot more land than they did in OTL and surviving to the present day. It is currently up to the 1300s (2000's AUC).

Premise and POD

The POD is that Brutus tells Julius Caesar about the conspiracy against his life. Caesar, after this, then continues to implement government reforms (much like after the civil war), which is known as the Lex Magnus and conquer more land for the glory of the Romans.

The TL has stalled at 1305, where the Vomica Bilis has just ended and riots in Katia (renamed Agnetia in an updated version of the TL) instigated by the Order of Freedom while ericams is currently making massive revisions to Imperium Aeternus by adding yet more detail.

The World

Rome spans all of Europe to the Urals and holds northern and eastern Africa down to the horn, Persia, Arabia, India and parts of Central Asia, along with holdings in along the eastern North American coast. China holds most of the other half of Asia and holds colonies in Australia, islands in the Pacific, and the Western coast of North America. A powerful nation state in Africa, the Gwazii control a significant part of southern Africa and the eastern coast of South America as a colony. Other powers such as several Native American confederations, the Aztecs, Mayans, etc, Japan, smaller states in Africa also exist. In Katia (Roman name for North America) control is divided between the Iroquois, Romans, and Cahokian Confederation. Japan holds territory around OTL San Diego while China has land from Alaska to Oregon. The Mayans retain their indepedence, while the Gwazii empire holds the eastern coast of South America. In Roman Katia, unrest is starting to develop as some have begun advocating independence from Rome, due to the fact that the colonists managed to defeat attacks from the local Indians almost by themselves.

Conquered Lands

Through this timeline, Persia and India are both conquered, along with all the land leading to the Urals. Also north, east, and south Africa, where a number of independent kingdoms remain, and Central Asia become part of the Roman Empire. Even China fall under Rome's hegemony briefly, before breaking apart, due to the lack of Roman cities, but the northwest of this, more romanized, would become the Empire of Yenchi.

So far, the timeline has gone through two different iterations:

Version 1.0 (original, 2005 draft)

Version 2.0 (revised, 2010 draft)

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