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Teh Evol Muslims

Also spelled 'teh ev0l moslems' and similar, this is a term resorted to when sarcastically talking about how the Muslim immigrants in Europe will inevitably out-breed the natives and soon declare an Obligatid Caliphate. The idea itself is derived in part from the more inane of Eurabia scenarios, which assume the same thing but worse.

For the sake of efficiency, different European countries have their own sub-set of Ev0l Msulims to rise up and overthrow them for no obvious reason. For example, Britain has Pakistanis, France has Algerians, and Germany has Turks (who, according to Steffen, take their orders directly from Abdul Hadi Pasha).

This sarcastic expression, as it is known nowadays on, was possibly coined by alt_historian.

The term is occasionally modified to describe similar absurd paranoia in other situations, as with 'teh evol yankees' for Hugo Chavez's insistence that America will invade Venezuela any day now.

To no one's surprise, loads of racist or trollish posters have been banned over the years for insisting “teh ev000l Muslims” is an actual, unironic truth, and that Muslims are somehow part of a cartoonishly evil, moustache-twirling terrorist hive mind from birth. Needless to say, does not tolerate such sweeping statements.

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