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Board member who joined in 2008.

A librarian in a country far, far away and a die hard space and aviation fan. When born he was found grasping a Saturn V model within his left hand, and a CF-105 Arrow kit with the other hand.

Member of a whole bunch of aviation and space forums (Secret Projects, NASA Spaceflight, What-If Modelers, etc.).

Enthusiastic contributor to the France Fights On project. Especially in topics like aviation, V1 and V2. How surprising… Much like Neopeius, read with interest any TL where France crushes the Nazis in WWII.

Last thing: I have a deep hatred against Michael Bay and all of his “movies” - notably Armageddon. As critics said at the time “An assault on the eyes, the ears, the brain, common sense and the human desire to be entertained.” So true. Rost in hell, Michael Bay

BANNED in December 2017


Columbia Rescue : Save the Space Shuttle ! - A thrilling shorter timeline about an alternate (and overall more positive) outcome of what in OTL became the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster in February 2003. Archibald's most ambitious and longest work to date. Finished as of spring 2013.

WI Apollo lunar landings had continued past Apollo 17 in 1972 ?

A Skylab-Shuttle Timeline - A short timeline where NASA's Skylab space station programme is reorganized in order to be compatible with the Space Shuttle and “give it something useful to do in the early 1980s”.

Voyage : What Came After - A continuation of Stephen Baxter's 1996 AH novel Voyage. This brief but eventful timeline is also known as “Sequel to Stephen Baxter's Voyage”.

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