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An absolutely bizarre troll who joined the board in August 2014, posting a single long, meticulous, semi-ranting post in a post-1900 forum discussion on ATL singe-stage-to-orbit spacecraft developments. It is worth mentioning that he was necromancing said discussion thread, since it had previously layed dormant for three years.

In this post, while remaining polite to others, and mostly talking in tech specs and technological jargon, he virulently insisted on a conspiracy theory involving NASA, the US armed forces and the US government secretly building a cancelled OTL SSTO project from the 1970s (Chrysler SERV), with the insinuation that they might be using it for nefarious purposes. Apparently, these included “spying on aliens” and the spacecraft was responsible for the collapse of the USSR.

Shortly afterward, Ravaun was banned by CalBear for conspiracy theories. Thus, Ravaun got banned after a single post, possibly breaking an newcomer troll record.

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