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Poll: Do you agree with (topic)?

This sort of threads, while listed as variation threads is at its core not so much this, but the standard modus operandi of the average thread Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy (formerly VCS (formerly VoCSe (formerly the symbol formerly known as Prince))) will post in Chat. In those infamous polls of him, he will usually ask about territorial changes in nations - independence for certain regions, for example, or border disputes. Those polls always feature a wide range of answer options, at its core usually Yes, No, Don't know and Don't care - but those options are often taken together with options asking for the origin of the answerer if it corresponds with one of the nations in question. For example, an option may read: “Yes, and I am an Armenian”.

As Pervez has the habit of usually posting several such polls at once, many consider this to be spamming, and every bout of polls is usually followed by a series of parody polls. By this it also becomes, as aforementioned, a type of variation threads.

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