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Although perhaps not as prevalent in AH as airships, battleships also have a cult following on the Board and in published media. They often appear in steampunk worlds alongside airships, Babbage difference engines, and the like.

Some AH authors will come up with the most ridiculous arbitrary scenarios that disfavour modern aircraft and missiles just in order to have battleships appear again (such as the Posleen series). Because they're just that cool.

In culture

On, battleships are championed by The Battleship Brothers, a group of enthusiasts which includes Sargon, MrP, Alikchi, Abdul Hadi Pasha, Douglas, and Cockroach, and Grey Wolf among others. These fine men are noted for their slightly worrying ability to quote the serial numbers of the secondary aft turrets on the discontinued initial gun loadout of the Austrian Kaiser Friedrich class, detailed knowledge of how many steps up to the fire control directors, and other completely essential facts.

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