Telephone Map Game: 2nd Edition

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  1. Entrerriano Well-Known Member

    Jan 3, 2018
    Welcome to the second edition of’s Telephone Map Game! (This time on the Maps and Graphics forums!)
    Link to the First Edition

    What’s a Telephone Map Game?
    A Telephone Map Game is a turn-based Map Game, inspired by the children’s “Broken Telephone” games.
    The game starts with Player Nº1 making an Alternate History map. It can be from anywhere in the world and any timeframe. Then, when the map is completed, Player 1 sends the map to Player 2, and to nobody else. Then Player 2 makes another map, which could be considered to be in the same universe as Map 1 (No need to be in the same date, the map could be set centuries before or later, or just a few months). When finished, Player 2 sends their map to Player 3. Now Player 3 does a map which could be in the same universe as Map 2, however, Player 3 doesn’t know what Map 1 looks like. The process repeats until a substantial amount of players have finished the turns, and then the whole process is revealed, looking at how the concept changed from the first to the last map.

    My ideas for the second edition:
    Over in the first thread, someone proposed doing some sort of Branching Game. The easiest way to do this would be having me (as the organizer) make a map and use it to start all the lists, so that every list would have the same starting point but diverge towards different paths.
    Pro's: Gives the game a twist, and also avoids any person from blocking and not knowing how to start the game.
    Con's: No list can be revealed before everyone is done, because that would give away hints of the first maps.

    Claims are now closed!


    List 1
    1. Tethys00 SKIPPED
    2. Reepicheep (Sunday 15 to Sunday 22)
    3. GustavusAdolphus1
    4. Gokbay
    Sub-List 1.1
    1. HeX
    2. Wings
    3. fluttersky
    4. RetzynMetzyn
    Sub-List 1.2
    1. Kikkomaan
    2. Codae
    3. AltFuture
    4. KolyenuKS
    List 2
    1. brenok COMPLETED
    2. GBehm COMPLETED
    3. Uebeltank (Thursday 12 to Thursday 19)
    4. ZeSteel
    List 2.1
    1. Bennett
    2. Vylon Disigma
    3. Yanranay
    4. gerhardqwe
    List 2.2
    1. Minnesota_Nationalist
    2. KaiserEmu
    3. APeninSpace
    4. Blacklister3000
    List 3
    1. IcyCaspian COMPLETED
    2. TheKutKu (Sunday 15 to Sunday 22)
    3. SpazzReflex
    4. XFE
    List 3.1
    1. Falkanner
    2. Gwrtheyrn Annwn
    3. Fred Guo
    4. Thanosaekk
    List 3.2
    1. Zalezsky
    2. Drex
    3. Whiteshore
    4. Bicentius
    Each player will have a week to complete their map. We will do a branching game, I'll send the same map to Tethys00, brenok and IcyCaspian, and then we will continue as normal.

    You can also send your maps to me as soon as you finish them, although it's not necessary. To send me the maps, use DMs or send them to my Discord (Entrerriano#9197).

    • Make a regional map.
    • Include as much detail as possible.
    • DON'T include too much text, descriptions are not needed and don't really fit the game. What you can and should include, is labels in the maps.
    • When you finish, send the map to the next person (via DMs, Discord, Skype, whatever you want). Once you do that, come here and reply with "Map Sent to the Next Player", so we can control how the list goes.
    • Don't show the map to other people in the same list.
    • Here is a good example of a Telephone Map Game.
    • Have Fun!
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  2. Uebeltank Just wanting a better world.

    Dec 15, 2018
    Jutland, Denmark
    Sign me up.
  3. RetzynMetzyn ¡Argentina subcampeón!

    Jul 28, 2019
    Land of Broken Dreams and Yerba Mate
    I'd like to participate.

    The branching game seems like a good idea, we should do that.
  4. Vylon Disigma Well-Known Member

    May 25, 2016
    I'd like to participate aswell,
    , also another pro is that we can send you the map right after finishing it instead of having to collect everyone at the end, though as it turns out, that wasn't a big problem.
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  5. Gokbay Well-Known Member, apparently huh...

    Aug 17, 2016
    I might not be the most impressive mapper but count me in for the second edition too.
  6. Bennett Human Time-Waster

    Jun 3, 2017
    I wanna join in, too!
  7. XFE Formerly Xianfeng Emperor

    I'll claim.
  8. zalezsky A Slavic Swine

    Nov 18, 2014
    Sign me up please
  9. Minnesota_Nationalist Holy Roman Apologist

    Aug 28, 2015
    Take a wild guess
    I'll sign up, but I might have to drop out. Let's see how bad college is and all that
  10. Reepicheep Doubt not, Reepicheep.

    Jun 21, 2017
    I'll sign up again!
  11. HeX Self-Proclaimed Disney Expert

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    I claim!
  12. Tethys00 Mod of r/imaginarymaps Donor

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    claim time
  13. TheKutKu Well-Known Member

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    Count me in please!
  14. GustavusAdolphus1 Well-Known Member

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    I claim!
  15. Falkanner Well-Known Member

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    I'll claim
  16. Fred Guo Heir of the great Victozon in Etheria

    Nov 25, 2016
  17. APeninSpace And Kish did not cry, as in Etana's vision.

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    Hey, I can do it now!

  18. KolyenuKS not a farmer I think

    Nov 28, 2018
    I'll claim
  19. Blacklister3000 Libertarian of sorts

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    I claim
  20. fluttersky ~ᴍeʀmᴀiᴅ iɴ a seᴀ oғ aɴoᴍiᴇ~

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    I claim.