1. European Balkanization - VT-BAM Edition

    I'm currently working on a long-term project creating a VT-BAM map of Europe with ahistoric maximum balkanization. The idea is to find the ideal aesthetic balkanization of Europe. Not only by adding the maximum amount of countries but also with internal divisions, vassal and puppet states...
  2. I need help figuring out my newest Napoleon Victory TL (Map included

    This time, unlike my last TL, I want to avoid France's dramatic population lag and confirm them as the #1 Power, more effectively neutering the UK and Russia. The lore this time is simple. I want to prevent Napoleon's four greatest mistakes. 1. Not Dismantling Prussia. 2. The Continental...
  3. Taco Shark/Fly's HOI4 (and other Paradox games if I play them) inspired Maps
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Inspired by @FasterThanRaito 's thread, I decided to play more HOI4 to make stories from them and post them here. However by playing I mean most of the time observing, since I am not too good at the game itself. I use my own mod for my own gameplay enhancements as well as Toolpack to strengthen...
  4. E-bam

    E-bam is a map project around European borderpool. I am the only worker rn but everyone can help the map is a european map from vt-bam
  5. 1940 : La France continue la guerre - France Fights On

    1940 - La France continue la guerre, also known as the Fantasque Time Line, is probably one of the most ambitious alternate history projects ever created. The original work can be read (in French) at this address: It is also being translated by @Wings on...
  6. Lake

    Cihan-ı Tariqia, a Tellurus inspired worldbuilding project

    Long story short, i am really impressed with the Tellurus project made by @Imperator Frank and many others. I want to start my project, Cihan-i Tariqia, except with a twist. This map will be used in a map game so all of the political history and the history in general will be written by players...
  7. Runeterra : When Things Goes South (ISOT IDEA)

    So a while ago i entered into an group of facebook (latam) about League of legends, to see if they really are that horrible as the internet says and some of them are (or at least on the group i entered) and while i was scrolling down on the group i found an strange meme: An isot (o...
  8. UtraseI

    Is there a 8K-BAM sized robinson projection map?

    Idk if this deserves it's own thread but is there an 8K-BAM sized robinson projection map? Not a Q-BAM sized one.
  9. Library of Alexandria

    Library of Alexandria's Worlda Patches: A thread
    Threadmarks: Intro

    Alright, so someone asked me to set up a thread for these here, instead of on DA, where they can find them easier. And, well, there haven't really been enough worldas here lately, so I thought I would! Apologies if this clogs the server a bit, there are quite a few images here, but they are...
  10. Alister Sinclair

    This is my first real attempt at alternate history, any suggestions on how to improve?

    This is set in 1947 a few months after Britain leaves India, only this time the states they leave behind are even less well constructed than OTL, being split into 16 states (Including Myanmar) rather than 2 like OTL, and also split not only through religion, but also ethnicity and with...
  11. Diversus world map

    List of major countries : Francia, Burgundy, Venizia, Aragon, North sea empire, Iberia, Austro Slovakia, Tatarian Empire, Russian rebels, Taiping Republic, Japanese Shogunate, Libyan Empire, Konigsberg, Hannover-Saxe. Date : 1910
  12. CactusCartocratus

    The 8K-Bam linguistic map

    So this is something I started, not sure if ill finish it, but help would be appreciated
  13. [Request] Filling in Antarctica's topography into an old basemap.

    For the sake of completeness, could someone here try and fill in Antarctica's topograhy into this elevation map? Specifically with the ice on it intact, like with greenland on this map. I mean, this is a very old map. What bugs me is that for all these years, the topographical worlda map that...
  14. Completing the Q-BAM sized 8K-BAM Robinson map

    Remember that attempt to make a Q-BAM sized Robinson blank map based on the 8K-BAM elevation robinson map? It was never finished but why don't we try and finish it? The resized generated elevation Map. How far they initially went. The little I have added.
  15. fluttersky

    Map Thread XXI
    Threadmarks: Opening post

    Welcome to the twenty-first map thread! The place for all your mapping needs. Maps with a lot of likes will be threadmarked for ease of access. (Edit: Threshold for getting a threadmark is 30 likes for now; I may increase this at some point if there just end up being too...
  16. CactusCartocratus

    The Cactus-BAM

    So I have started working on a basemap on my own. It's basically 8K-BAM upscaled 140% and a diffrent syle of borders. I will be posting updates here. If you wish to help message me.
  17. Elevation/Climate Map of Early Triassic

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for a map of Earth during the Early Triassic period (between 250 and 230 million years ago), but I've been having a hard time finding both an elevation map and a Koppen classification climate map of Pangaea during that specified window. In the event anyone...
  18. MultiplePOD: The Debut
    Threadmarks: 1

    Okey dokey, here I go. No text-base updates for this first one. Everything after this will have some comments so you know where to look. A few other notes: there's no single POD, and the PRC and ROC are reversed. Switzerland is the same (almost; it'll be fixed).
  19. How to Build the Fictional Continents Using Our Real Continents

    Presented here is a map of Earth with the fictional continents resurfaced, by the Redditor "Stagman1111": Source From left to right, the presented additional continents are Mu, Atlantis and Lemuria. It's a popular alternate history trope to imagine them being separate continents made...
  20. Balkanized U.S.A

    Map Challenge Thread I

    For map challenges (i,e. "Break up the Soviet Union like this" or "make Europe have these borders by 1946"). First Challenge (for my thing): Make a map of a scenario where the USSR, before 1939, gains more SSR's to the west. Poland and Finland are encouraged.