1. TripleToad333

    What's the worst timeline you've ever read?

    So, what do you think is the WORST timeline that you yourself have ever read? On this site or elsewhere. Personally, I have two picks for the worst timeline I've ever read myself. MOD EDIT - Insults to other members T/L Deleted.
  2. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    The Eternal State: An Ottoman Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: A Thunder In the East

    Author’s Note: With absolutely no thanks to my University for making my life rough, and pulling me away from my passion for Alternate History, I return to timeline writing! I’ve always wanted to write an alternate history on a different rise of the Ottomans that leads to a new path in history...
  3. King of the Uzbeks

    The Cradle of Presidents: A Buckeye Flavored Timeline in a Week
    Threadmarks: Intro

    Well, what’s this now? A Timeline in a Week! These are out of fashion you know. Yeah whatever. An idea struck me. And so I did it. Not quite ASB, but still rather funny. Aka a perfect choice for a TLIAW! You do realize you’re likely never gonna finish this in a week right? Quite possibly...
  4. New TL-discussion thread
    Threadmarks: Premises of the offered TL's

    Hi, I've been enjoying writing my TL on the ASB thread and have pretty much outlined how things are going to go up to the 2000s, therefore, I don't need to put as much research into it anymore and can focus on doing research for a new TL. I was then inspired by Rub37's similar thread to ask...
  5. Paladín Wulfen

    Elysium..., a Roman America TL
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Paladin Wulfen Productions presents... Elysium..., to Roman America. A production that will try to last as long as the support it receives. Although this production uses recycled material from a previously made one, it is focused with greater dedication and exploration apart from a greater use...
  6. Maharlikan_

    The Dragon and the Sea Lion: A History of the Japanese-Austronesian Rivalry and Conflict.
    Threadmarks: Introduction/Asia in 2022

    (EDIT: THIS ONE IS NON-CANON NOW. I'M MAKING A NEW ONE) Back in early 2020, I joined a fictional Nationstates Roleplay in an amino community I was in along with a friend. For the roleplay I conceived a somewhat generic Filipino state known as The Kingdom of Greater Tagalog. As the roleplay went...
  7. Bailey of Aragon

    Margaret Tudor, Mother of Aragon
    Threadmarks: 1: 1500 - 1501

    "The marriage of Maria of Aragon to James IV of Scotland would take place on the 18th of June 1500, a little more than a week before Maria's birthday and just a month prior the death of Miguel de Paz, the heir apparent to Portugal, Castile and Aragon. Miguel's death left his father, King Manuel...
  8. Bailey of Aragon

    Tudor Twins V2: A Tudor TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter One: Secured, all the same

    PART 1: THE REIGN OF HENRY VIII (1516 - ) "My Spanish Pomegranate went into birth in the twilight hours of the 17th of February 1516, while the rest of the court and I eagerly awaited news of her birth and her survival, for I could not bear to lose her, but alas, in the small hours of the 18th...
  9. A Second York Queen: Margaret Plantagenet marries Henry VII
    Threadmarks: Westminster, London, Autumn 1489

    Westminster, London, Autumn of 1489 "Henry. Queen Elizabeth of York is dead." told Lady Margaret Beaufort to her son, King Henry Tudor of England. "She died giving birth to a girl, a healthy, beautiful baby girl." she smiled weekly. Margaret had grown a certain fondness for her Yorkist...
  10. A Son of Spain (and Austria)
    Threadmarks: I. Un Milagro, Un Milagro Principe.

    A SON OF SPAIN (AND AUSTRIA) 22nd of June, 1498. Salamanca, Castile. Chaos was in the air. Or rather, in the Dowager Princess of Asturias and Girona's birthing chamber. Midwives, some of the most experienced and revered in all of Spain were positioned all over the chamber, scrambling around to...
  11. Atterdag

    Oh, what days! - or - A surviving House of Estridsen
    Threadmarks: Oh, what days!

    Oh, what days! or A surviving House of Estridsen Three blue lions on a yellow field with hearts were originally the arms of the Estridsen dynasty, but as the ruling House of Denmark they became the arms of the Kingdom itself. The waters of the Øresund were full of ships, men, and the sounds...
  12. Maximilian

    An Unexpected Love Story: Joanna of Castile marries Henry VIII
    Threadmarks: Early 1506.

    Early 1506 The Channel Waves whirled around and through the ship that carried Queen Joanna and King Philip of Castile to Spain, leaving a misty and cold residue on the wooden planks, rocking the ship furiously to one side and back again, causing a flurry of panic and fear to erupt from within...
  13. da Racontor

    TL: Children of the Plains of Abraham Revised (A New France & more timeline)

    I finally have enough to start posting my revised timeline! Most of the majors changes are not going to occur until Part IV. But there are a few minor ones before that. The revised timeline is following the same format. Footnotes (marked with lower case letters) will be written in ATL as will...
  14. George_Apley

    God is a Frenchman - a Timeline (Seven Yrs War POD)
    Threadmarks: The Six Years War (POD-1762)

    What if France and Austria were victorious in the Seven Years War? Many years back there was a TL in development here centered around the French winning the Seven Years War. That timeline has been defunct for a long time and the author long-since banned. It really grabbed me, though and I've...
  15. treefreak32

    Published AH stories which would have been better as Forum Timelines

    Which works of published alternate history would have benefited from instead being written in the style of one of our forum's timeline? This can include works written before the creation of the site. The style I'm specifically referring to is the style we often see here nowadays, popularized by...
  16. Gogomonow

    The End of the World as we Know it: What if the Cold War Went Nuclear?
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    A/N: I made the first two parts of this timeline a while age, now I am posting them to this site with some rewriting (and a changed POD). I will be posting the next two parts over the next few days, then I a going to finish writing part three and make even more of them. Anyways I hope you enjoy...
  17. Dking527

    African Yugoslavia: A West African Story
    Threadmarks: Part 1: Setting the Stage

    African Yugoslavia: A West African Story The Beginning and Opening Thoughts December 1st 1944: The Thiaorye Massacre was the touchstone that would start a revolution. Senegalese soldiers in French Senegal, staged a mutiny against France, as the nation had neglected to pay its colored...
  18. ¡Viva La Revolución! A Mexican TL Where Porfirio Diaz Allows Free and Fair Elections in 1910

    Hello there. This is a timeline with a POD right before the elections of 1910 in Mexico, the POD is Diaz for reasons that crazy old mustached villain only knows decided to allow Madero to run for office which led to his victory. In the OTL, Diaz was worried about Madero's chances so this is a...
  19. The Hunarajas: A Hunnic India Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: The Hunas of India

    The Rule of the Hunas The Fall of the Gupta empire to the Mleccha Huns was a shock to the Indian society , as years of Huna Rule would greatly upend and reshape it. The Hunas were a people of somewhat mysterious origins . They had invaded Bactria and adopted their Language before being pushed...
  20. The Sands of Purple: An Islamic Greece TL
    Threadmarks: Prologue: The Arab Conquest of Rum and its aftermath

    Prologue: The Arab Conquest Of Rum and its aftermath The Arab Conquest of the Ruman Empire or the Rhomaion as the Greeks called it was a landmark event in History in 96 AH* . Within less than century , The Arab Muslims had conquered both the Sassanid Persian and The Rhoman Empire . After...