Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

Hawaii had supplied Japan with enough aircraft to help fully equip one Japanese carrier. An Hawaiian Carrier Batle group was ordered to the area to send a signal to China not to invade and to support moderate in the government. Rear Admiral William Kamehameha III was in charge of the Battle Group.
The Hawaiian Battle Group consisting of the carrier King Kamehameha III , BCG Hawaii , 2 CGs,4 4 Thompson Class DDGs, 3 Adams class DDG and 2 SSNs took up position 75 Miles south of Hainan Island. Fifty miles Away was the Japanese Carrier Battle Group built around the Akagi. The Japanese Carrier had been laid down in 1988 and completed in 1992.
Hawaii encouraged talks between China and Japan over resoling the issue of the island. Prime Minister MacNamara was running for re-election as Prime Minister.
Hawaii was grateful that the Hainan Island Issue was resolved as there were plenty of other problems in the world. In the Kingdom of Hawaii there was at least 1 Major hospital in each part of the Kingdom. In the Hawaiian part of the Kingdom there were at least 3 major hospital in Oahu and several of the other Islands had small hospitals or clinics with beds. Samoa had just gotten construction of a new hospital. Guam had the Royal Hawaiian Navy/Air Force Hospital and the Guam Island Memorial Hospital.
Hawaii was closing the entry of all flights from China to the Kingdom. At the same time the Hawaiian government was sending medical supplies to China to help it battle the infection. Experts from Hawaii,the United States and Great Britain were carrying out a medical investigation along with the Chinese Government. Hawaii and the US had asked for any information that the Japanese Government may have. Japan had stopped all work on Biological weapons 15 years earlier.