Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

Prime Mintier George W Kamehameha was wondering what his country's Ambassador thought of the chances of the Parties candidates for President were. Would Mr Mseby return control of the Presidency to the Nationalist Party or would Me Casey keep it in the hands of the American Reform Party. The Ambassador told him that the Nationalist had united with the Republicans in an all out effort to take back control of both the executive and legislative branches.
Admiral William Kamehameha's son at the Naval Academy was doing research on a paper regarding the History of the development of submarines in the Royal Hawaiian Navy. Papers did indicate that several people who had served in the Confederate Navy and had been involved in the Huntley submarine project had been employed. But that was not all several Union Naval Officers left the service and had experience in submarine projects. Thus Hawaii had a lot of people that had been involved to various degrees in some matter or form regarding submarine.