Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

I have decided that perhaps I might go back to the beginning and revise the Kingdom of Hawaii with regard to the Peshawar Lancers
In the 18th Century the Kingdom of Hawaii was beginning to come together. Weapons had been supplied to various factions but it was the Kamehameha Line that was to triumph. One thing became clear to the new king and that was that if Hawaii was to survive and thrive it would need to improve its healthcare so as to survive the various western European illnesses that had decimated other civilizations and the Polynesian [people would need to be educated so as to better deal with the possible threats posed by Europeans out to seize control of what were regarded as more primative societies.
The Impact of Contact with Europeans had an impact on Hawaii. The Reign of King Kamehameha II began with a clear decision by the Monarch that there would need to be improvements in Hawaii if the Kingdom was to survive. It was not just weapons but the creation of a foundation of medical care that would be the only thing that would prevent diseases that Europeans had for which there was little or no immunity in the much more primitive Polynesian Society.Missionaries had come to Hawaii and had brought Christianity . It had also brought the beginning of an educational system which would eventually lead to something better. By the time that King Kamehameha III would come to the throne there was at least 1 hospital and a growing number of doctors. The king and his sister were one of the first Hawaiians to receive something to prevent smallpox. Still he traveled to Great Britain in an effort to establish a relationship with one of the Greatest World poers. The Man who would be Hawaii's longest reigning Monarchs realized that he needed the assistance of a great power to prevent others from attempting to seize his country. British Officers who were unemployed as a result of the ending of the Napoleonic Wars found positions in Hawaii to train the Royal Hawaiian Army and its Navy.
King Kamehameha III upon coming to power decided that he would improve the health and welfare of his people. Thus he used his own wealth to build another larger and better equipped Hospital and also had a children's hospital built. He was determined to also have branches of the hospital on many of the other islands so that everyone could be treated. The King also granted a constitution setting up the rights that the people would have and setting in motion an elected government.. Hawaii began to receive immigrants from several other parts of the world including America, Portugal, and China. The King and the government sought to try to make the islands self sufficient and sought things that might be produced on the island that could create revue for the government and jobs for the people.
The Royal Hawaiian Constabulary was established by the King. Also established was the Royal College of Hawaii as an attempt by the King to provide a higher education at a reasonable cost to the Hawaiian people. The Early years of the Kings reign also saw two threats to Hawaii. The French carried out an invasion of the Islands but were met by resistance and were forced to withdraw when Great Britain exerted Military pressure on the French. The second threat came from A British Naval officer Sir Paulet, who without any order from his superiors decided to seize the island for Great Britain. An Hawaiian ship was able to contact the Admiral Thomas commanding the Pacific Squadron and inform him of the threat and actions by said officer. He dispatched a Senior captain with written order to the officer ordering the restoration of the Hawaiian King and the arrest of the British Officer. The Senior Captain put his First Officer in Command of the Warship and removed the former Captain to his ship where he was put under arrest and Marine Guard.
The Senior British Naval officer then delivered an letter of apology from the AdmiralThomas over the matter
As a result ofthis matter the British and the French Governments offically recognized the Kingdom of Hawaii.
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The King summoned Walter Murray Gibson to the Palace and asked him to assume the post of First Minister ( in effect he would be the First Prime Minister of Hawaii). Among the other changes to the government was the creation of an upper chamber which would consist of the Chiefs and other Nobles of the realm.
Albert Kumpeka, the Illegitimate son of King Kamehameha III is born in 1850. He will eventually change his name to William Kamehameha. Funds were set aside by his father for his education and eventually he will join the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary. The Young man seems to have a talent for solving puzzles and is an avid reader.
Honolulu: The 1840 into the 1860 had seen this Hawaiian port as a major stop for whaling ships. At times the port was packed between ships from various Whaling expeditions and merchant ships carrying goods. The Royal Hawaiian Constabulary had gotten a lot of experience dealing with unruly sailors and attempting to crush the criminal element. The outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861 made a difficult situation much worst. The Kingdom had to deal with the Confederate Navy which was raiding the Union Merchant Marine and the US Navy which was trying to catch and destroy them. Walter Gibson had his country's small navy plant the flag on the Midway Island atoll and on Johnson Island. He pushed for expansion of the fleet and Hired Captain MacLean a Canadian Merchant Marine Captain to help establish a Hawaiian Naval Academy. Another support of the monarchy was Charles Bishop. Charles had created several businesses including the Royal Bank of Hawaii.
The King and the Government were doing what they could to try to encourage business to grow in Hawaii and to find sources of raw materials. Emerging were two Political Parties with a different perspective on Hawaii. The Reform Party based upon the Missionaries was led by Mr Dole. It was believed that he really desired to have the islands annexed by the US. On the other hand there was the Nationalist party led by Walter Gibson and Charles Bishop. Both of these men were strong supporters of the Monarchy. Both had immigrated from the United States to Hawaii and had nothing against the US but felt that Hawaii already had its own government and didnot see the need to force it to join the Union.
Hawaii had purchased some warships from Britain. There was a shipbuilding industry in the islands but it was small and a lot of the materials for construction had to be imported as Hawaii was lacking in mineral resources.
Captain MacLean the Superintendent of the Naval Academy had hired a number of ex-Confederate Naval officers after the ending of the American Civil War. One of them had been involved in the CSS Huntley , the Confederate submarine.
William Little Lee was appointed by the King as the Chief Justice of the Royal Hawaiian Supreme Court. He was a personal friend of Walter M Gibson as well as Charles Bishop. He was a former American who had trained as a lawyer in the United States and immigrated to Hawaii. He had impressed the King and the Legislature and his appointment received overwhelming support. He remained on the bench until his death in 1868. He had been in declining health since 1857 but his iron will and excellent care allowed him to continue to function.Ellis Hunt Allen succeeded Justice Little as the next Chief Justice.
The Royal Hawaiian Navy had bought some warships from Great Britain and they had been delivered to Hawaii. The Port of Hawaii had seen development There was a British Embassy and a US consulate. The islands had seen much growth but it still suffered from a lack of resources. There was a huge stockpile of coal. The University of Hawaii had been charted, It had built an observatory and in 1868 scientist had spotted something which appeared to be heading to the earth.
The Hawaiian Observatory was seeing something in space but the question of what it was was not clear. still the scientist in Hawaii were contacting others in Britain and the US. Meanwhile the country was making progress. Honolulu was seeing a lot of new improvements. Slums were coming down and water and sewer liners put in.Paved roads and a transportation system.
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King Kamehameha III had as a result of improved health care had passed two health care crisis and was still alive and functioning in 1869. A line of succession had been drawn up in the event that the King or his heir did not live .. Events were to alter the course of history in a way that no on would imagine> The King's Illegitimate son had changed his name to William and had been allowed to assume the family name but he was not an heir to the throne and that did not bother him He had a scholarship to the Royal College and had completed three years of college He as attending the Police Academy and would be a constable in the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary.
In late 1869 the King came down with an illness and passed away He was to be succeeded by the Man who would become King Kamehameha IV. He came to the thron months before the incident which would alter the Earth's History and forever be known as THE FALL. His young wife had borne hin a son , who was named after the Prince Consort of Great Britain. Queen Victoria was the boys god mother. One of the First acts that the Young Queen did was to create the Church of Hawaii with its first Bishop being sent by the British Queen