Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

Four years after becoming Prime Minister Prime Minister Henn faced another election and the National Conservatives lost their Majority. Jeannie La Plume-Pau of the Liberal
Party captured the Majority with 256 seats to the National Conservatives 244. The former Prime Minister resigned as the leader of the National Conservatives and was replaced by Jock Campbell as the new Minority leader.
Prime Minister La Plume-Pau order a Defense review and she also began to look at the entire budget. Hawaii's contribution to the Terran Space program dropped to 350 million dollars and she began to look at making the various parts of the Kingdom pay toward the cost of the National Police. The Tomcat 21 program receive an approval to continue but the Century 21 Nuclear attack submarine program saw the brakes being applied. Only the first submarine was ordered.
Peter G Kamehameha, had long ago decided to take the family last name. He was George W Kamehameha's grandson. He had graduated from a catholic High school and latter the University of Hawaii He had a degree in accounting and upon graduating he joined the Royal Hawaiian Marine Corp. He was commissioned as a second LT and saw combat in a counter insurgency operation. He was then station in the Falkland Islands where he met his future wife. He married her and returned to Hawaii where he went to work for an accounting firm. In 2010 he rain for a seat in the house once held by his great Grandfather and Grandfather and many family members and was elected in a special election.
Peter G Kamehameha moved up in the party. In 2012 the Prime Minister's Party suffered the loss of quite a few seats resulting in a 251 to 249 house. Her majority depended upon 1 seat and thus she had to chart a much more moderate course. Still in 2014 two Liberal Democrat held seats became vacant and special elections saw the National Conservative Candidates win. Peter became a compromise candidate and became Prime Minister. His popularity rose and in 2016 he led his Party to a grand victory winning 279 of the seats.
Peter G Kamehameha traveled to the Palace to inform the King that the people had elected the National Conservatives to run the country and the Party had once again asked him to lead them. He informed the King that the government intended to approve the sale of two Hawaiian built guided Missile cruisers to Brazil and would consider the construction of two more in Brazil thus reversing the previous governments decision.
In an address to a joint session on both houses of the Hawaiian Congress the Prime Minister pointed to the fact that Hawaii stood by its friends. Hawaii had a long relationship with Great Britain, Brazil, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States and the Central American Republic. The Prime Minister announced that it would stand by these allies regardless of cost. We must be careful in our spending but the safety of the nation required that the government must spend what is needed.
Hawaii's Prime Minister traveled to Taipei for a meeting of the Prime Ministers of Japan, Australia, New Zealand regarding regional security.
The meeting between the Prime Ministers resulted in an agreement to conduct Joint Naval exercises . The Japanese and Hawaiian Prime Ministers reached and agreement
to support Japan's purchased of the Super Hornet
Peter G Kamehameha was a different kind of Nationalist Prime Minister. He spoke to the Budget director and the Defense Secretary and the conclusion that was reached was the country just could not afford all of the ship building programs. The air force army and marines all needed equipment and there just wasn't enough cash to fund everyone's needs. Instead of another Nuclear powered carrier the navy would have a carrier taken out of mothball and modernize it. Two new guided missile cruisers would be ordered not 4 and 5 destroyers would be built over the next 8 years. Two additional new SSNs would be authorized. When the CNO objected to the defense plan the Prime Minister had the Secretary of Defense fire him. It sent shock waves throughout the Navy.
The Secretary of the Navy recommended Vice Admiral William Kamehameha IV to fill the post of Chief of Naval Operations. The Admiral had last been promoted to Vice Admiral by the last Prime Minister and had overseen the Tomcat 21 project. He had served in a variety of Naval Post and had caommand a carrier Battle Group. He was not political and would argue for or against a policy depending upon his beliefs but once a decision was made he would follow orders. His Grandfather had been a CNO and director of the Royal Hawaiian Intelligence Agency and his father had been CNO.
Vice Admiral William Kamehameha IV was sworn in as the new Chief of Naval Operations and approved by 475 votes to 25 in the House and also approved in the upper Chamber.
He took the rank of Admiral upon being approved. He and his wife had five children with the oldest William P Kamehameha a senior at the Naval Academy. His brother Patrick was a reserve Naval Officer and was an agent at the Royal Hawaiian Intelligence Agency. His daughter Mary Ellen was a sophomore at the University of Hawaii and Catherine Elizabeth was a freshman at Dublin University in the Kingdom of Ireland and the youngest George Washington Kamehameha was a freshman at the Royal College of Hawaii.
Prime Minister Peter G Kamehameha collapsed while at the Pearl Harbor Naval Facility and was rushed to the Large Naval Hospital. He was put in intensive care and an all out effort was made to save his life . But 90 minutes latter the hospital's spokesman notified the news media that the Prime Minister had died. An autopsy was done and the cause of death was a the rupture of a blood vessel in the Brain. Deputy Prime Minister Joseph Maou would act as temporary Prime Minister until the National Conservative Party could meet and chose a successor The Late Prime Minster's widow would run to fill the open seat..
In March 2021 Edward Richards was elected by the National Conservatives as the new leader and replaced Joseph Maou as the acting Prime Minister. Richards was the representative on one of the smaller Hawaiian Islands. He was Unusually in that he had been an graduate the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corp and had served as a Naval officer for 4 years. Then was elected to the house from Guam and also served as a Royal Hawaiian Air Force Reservist. He left the House and moved back to Hawaii and was asked to run to fill a vacancy. He served in the house and became the choice to replace Peter G Kamehameha. He was 38 when he became Prime Minister and was well liked by party members.
Upon becoming Prime Minister he was briefed on the Defense Budget and spoke to the Defese Secretary, National Security advisor and the various Armed Forces Chiefs.
He was prepared to make some adjustments to the budget.
The former Hawaiian Prime Minister had been the Director of the Terran Space Authority but he had notified the Council that he would be retiring from the position in 24 months. The President of the United States was calling upon the other council members to agree on a replacement.
The former Hawaiian Prime Minister had been the Director of the Terran Space Authority but he had notified the Council that he would be retiring from the position in 24 months. The President of the United States was calling upon the other council members to agree on a replacement.
It's probably better to not just rotate the role of director, but also choose smaller members to avoid any perception of it being dominated by large nations. Can you please remind me of the number of members for the Terran Space Authority?
The Terran Space Authority consisted of the following member countries: United States of America, Kingdom of Hawaii, Great Britain, Kingdom of Ireland, Empire of France. Empire of Austria, Empire of Germany, Israel, Empire of Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Empire of Brazil, Neuva Granada and China
Christopher W McNamara returned to Hawaii and was greeted by family members and friends. He had just completed a book that he had been working on for the past 6 years. It was called: Hawaiian Dawn and was the story of the rise of the Hawaiian Kingdom during the period of The Fall.
The former Military pilot, Prime Minister and Terran Space Authority Director had become an accomplish author of Mysteries featuring the life of his fictional policer officer Constable William Kiaoa of the Royal Hawaiian Constabulary.
HAWAIIAN DAWN: Christopher McNamara book was a detailed look at the Rise of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The former Prime Minister had access to the records of Hawaii's King and a lot of the political leaders of the period. He also had a chance to look at the papers of William Kamehameha and the book that was written by his son.