Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

Rise of Christopher Wilcox
  • Hawaii's new Prime Minister was also its youngest. He was 27 had served briefly in the Army and was a graduate of the military Academy. His father was a very famous General and Ambassador who had seen construction projects in Central American and Ireland.
    His son had sat on several key committees of the Hawaiian Legislature. While a strong supporter of the Military he would tear into wasted spending. He was also a close personal friend of the crown Prince and knew the Kamehameha family quite well.
    He had come out of nowhere to gain the position of Prime Minister and was well liked by his party. He was respected by those in the Liberal Party that had come to know him as a man who was willing to listen to different points of view. He retained the Secretary of State that had served Prime Minister Kamehameha even though he was a one time Liberal Party leader.