Peshawar Lancers Redux: Kingdom of Hawaii Revised

Rep>CW McNamara introduced a bill to purchase the Phantom II for the Hawaii Air Force and Navy. He had 24 cosponsors for his bill and it was referred to the armed Armed Services Committee where he intended to press his case. He had the support of the leader of the National Conservatives and the King had expressed an interest in the aircraft.
Admiral William Kamehameha IIi entire family was there was present when Prime Minister Thacher was present and the entire extended family was at the estate. The Admiral's cousin asked a lot of political questions of their guest. William had just been promoted to Vice Admiral. He had flown his flag aboard the carrier King Kamehameha III and was now waiting to leave on the carrier Charles Bishop.The carrier would journey through the canal and visit the North American East coast visiting Virginia New York and Halifax before sailing across the Atlantic and making port calls in Ireland, Great Britain, France, Portugal and then into the Med where he would visit Italy, Austrian Empire, Israel and the Kurdish port city.
CW McNamara got a bill passed in the Armed services Committee to buy the F-4 for the Royal Hawaiian Air Force and the Royal Hawaiian Navy. The Bill passed the entire House with 480 votes in favor and 40 opposed. 140 Phantom II were bought for the Navy and 180 for the air force.. In addition 8 trainors were purchased and 12 RF-4E
The Royal Hawaiian Air Force had purchased 90 Boeing B-47 jet bombers and bought an additional 40 aircraft which it converted into EB-47 and RB-47 with 2 aircraft used as training aircraft.
Charles B Kamehameha III chose to apply to the Naval academy upon graduation from High School. His grandfather had wanted him to go into the family business The Royal Bank of Hawaii but his father understood and made some calls. He was accepted and arrived in 1972 to join the incoming class. He fully embarrassed everything and graduated in the top ten percent of his class. He went to sea but was soon reassigned to the Navy's accounting office. In 1980 he was promoted to Lt Cmdr and 4 years latter made Commander.
He was assigned to oversee the spending on the final King Kamehameha III class carrier and was pleased to report that the ship came in under cost estimates. He returned to the Naval Administration as a captain and was the aide to the CNO. In 1987 he was promoted to Rear Admiral and took charge to the accounting office.
The Royal Couple returned to Hawaii after their Honeymoon to a warm greeting from the Hawaiian people . The streets were packed with hawaiians who wanted to get a look at the new Queen. Thr King had the Car stopped several times so that he and his new wife could speak with some of the people. The Police and secret service were concern but here were no problems. He arrived at the Palace and security was tight as the Royal guards manned all of the post.
Prime Minister Tamm announced that she would not be running for re-election. She had gotten married and her husband was working for the company founded by his grandfather. Thus the Liberal Democrats were scrambling to find a candidate that could unite the party. Mr Davis the leader of the National Conservatives had decided not to seek the post and thus Christopher W McNamara gained support within the party to run for Prime Minister.
Without Tamm at the helm of the Liberal Democrats the National Conservatives made an outstanding campaign resulting in taking 295 seats. The Liberal democrats held 205 seats and the Hawaiian Progressive Party20. As the leader of the National Conservatives Christopher W McNamara went to the palace to present his credentials to the King and to get permission to form a government. The King approved and the new Prime Minister began the task of assembling a cabinet.
Prime Minister Christopher W McNamara was sworn into office with his mother and father present. He had appoint Charles R Nufro as the new Secretary of stat. Both his grandfather and his father had served in the position before him. Charles had a degree in International Relations and a Masters Degree in Government service
The Prime Minister ordered a defense review to come up with a realistic bases for the modernization of the Royal Hawaiian Armed Forces.
The Defense review was a careful look at what the Hawaiian Military really needed to assure the security of the Kingdom. The navy had already purchased 6 of the Thompson class of destroyers [ this was the equivalent of the American Arleigh Burke}. The destroyer was very expensive due to the fact that unlike the Americans the Hawaiian Navy insisted that it be surivable ie capable of taking damage but remaining operational. Still the builder of the ship was reducing the cost and it asured the Secretary of the Navy that if it got a contract for another five ships it would see a lot of savings. The Royal Hawaiian Navy would like twenty-five of the destroyers but the Prime Minister had to balance the needs of the Air Force,Army and other parts of the Navy.
Prime Minister McNamara was restraining some military spending in order to fund the modernization of the army. Hawaii retained the M-14 rifle and was working on a new modernization of the M-48A5 rather than buy the M-60.
In a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense the Prime Minister listen to what the service chiefs felt was needed . He then pointed out the fact that the country no longer had the capacity to afford to buy everything. For example instead of buying the M-60 Hawaii was working with the armament industry in Israel and Brazil to improve the M-48A5 to the M-48 Super with improvements to armor and its gun saving a lot of Capital. The Royal Hawaiian Navy was looking for a replacement for the F-4Phantom II and it was looking at the Grumman F-14 While the Royal Hawaii Air Force was looking at the F15. The Prime Minister wanted an aircraft that could be used by both services in order to reduce cost.. The Navy wanted to build a new class of Nuclear attack submarine in order to keep the shipyars active and to improve it ability.
The Prime Minister agreed to send the proposal to the House but it would have to be kept under control cost wise
A decision was reached that the Royal Hawaiian Navy and Royal Hawaiian Air Force would receive the Grumman F-14 as its next advanced fighter. It helped that the Hawaiian Government owned 25% of the company.
F-14 Tomcat Fighter Plane Photo - 04.jpg
The Hawaiians and Australians are playing a role in the American Space Mission. They are tracking the American Launch and providing support to NASA.
China was seeking to buy the Hawaiian Phantom II aircraft and 2000 air to air missiles for the fighters . It had also sought to buy the Missiles from the US.
The Prime Minister had sent the request to buy air to air missiles for Jet fighters to the House Armed Services committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee with RECOMMENDATION TO APPROVE. The Hawaiian Government was talking to the US in regard to the sale of any F-4s. The Empire of Japan had also requested. Approval to buy the F-4 for service with its carriers and the Japanese Air Force.
Hawaii sold China 250 air to air missiles for its jet fighters. The Hawaiian factory had a surplus capacity to manufacture the weapons and by selling them to China and then Japan the cost to Hawaii dropped. The US approved the sale of the Phantom II to Japan (45) and China (36). The F-14 Tomcats had already started to be delivered to the Royal Hawaiian Navy and Air Force.
China had withdrawn its desire to buy the Hawaiian F-4s after the agreement with France. Japan then offered to buy the additional F-4a and Hawaii approved the arms sale. Hawaiian Pilots had delivered 24 Naval F-4 to Japan. Hawaii had maintain a balanced relationship with China and Japan. But the McNamara Administration seemed to now be tilting toward Japan. Still Hawaii had shown a willingness to help the Chinese during the crisis with Russia