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    On the subject of internet critics, how are the following people from the scene doing as of the end of 2007?:

    Doug Walker.
    Brad Jones.
    James Rolfe.
    Mike Matei.

    Also, on the subject of online video, how is Youtube doing relative to other video sites? Given that they're less strict on copyright ITTL, does TGWTG even form at all? Remember, Doug only formed it because he needed a place to store his videos where he wasn't vulnerable to takedowns. Also, Linkara as an internet personality, or, at least, the one we know, may not exist due to, of all things, the lack of Columbine. In the paranoia following the shooting, he was suspended from school over ra joke. HIs parents, feeling the punishment was unwarranted, basically allowed him to treat it as a vacation and, while home, he first saw an episode of a show his older brother was a fan of: Sailor Moon, which set him on the path to anime fandom, then comics fandom, and, eventually, AT4W.
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    It would be crazy if Microsoft left the console business.
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    Samsung is going to be involved in the gaming industry though. For all we know MS leaving is the catalyst for them to try creating their own console.
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    Are there any jrpgs on the Xbox 2 besides Sakura's Tears.
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    I can see the headline now: "Microsoft sales games division to Samsung."
  6. Threadmarks: Grammy/Oscar 2008

    RySenkari Lisa Simpson 2020

    Nov 1, 2010
    2008 Grammy Nominees: (winners in bold)

    Best New Artist-

    Hikaru Utada
    Katy Perry
    Lizzy Free

    (Note: This category is notable for the absence of two major artists IOTL: Taylor Swift, and Amy Winehouse. Taylor Swift came along a bit later ITTL, and so she won't be up for this category until next year's Grammys. As for Winehouse, despite her immense talent, her rise to fame was butterflied away. She ultimately ends up becoming a successful session musician in Britain, but is never “discovered” ITTL. This doesn't save her: she ends up dying in a drunk driving accident in 2012, one year later than IOTL. This category ends up becoming the battle of the female pop artists. Hikaru Utada generates some controversy, as she's definitely not a “new” artist, but she is new to America, so she qualifies here. Ledisi is the trendy pick to win considering that she's the only non-pop artist on this list, but in the end, it goes to Paramore, who was nominated IOTL but didn't win.)

    Song Of The Year-

    Glowsticks” by DJ Hoogland feat. Fergie
    “Hey There Delilah” by The Plain White T's
    “Relic” by George Harrison
    “Umbrella” by Rihanna ft. Jay-Z
    “You Get Me Shook” by Selena feat. Justin Timberlake

    (Note: No Amy Winehouse, no “Rehab”. This category is somewhat wide open, but “Glowsticks” was considered a bit of an upset win, as it was expected to go to either George Harrison, Rihanna, or Selena.)

    Record Of The Year-

    “Beatz (The Step-To Song)” by Disassembled Robot
    “Kuruma” by Hikaru Utada
    “Misery Business” by Paramore
    “Play With Me” by Lizzy Free
    You Get Me Shook” by Selena feat. Justin Timberlake

    (Note: Selena and Justin were the odds on favorites to win in this category, though “Beatz (The Step-To Song)” by the American/Japanese band Disassembled Robot was considered the dark horse in the category. A club hit that became a Videocean meme and peaked at #3 on the Billboard charts, it was considered a sort of “gateway drug” for the coming Asian pop boom, along with Kuruma.)

    Album Of The Year-

    by Kanye West
    Pluma Roja by Selena
    River: The Joni Letters by Herbie Hancock
    Spellcraft by George Harrison
    Validated by Foo Fighters

    (Note: One of the most stacked races in years, where all five of these albums were considered to have at least a chance to win. It was a clash of titans, particularly between Selena, Herbie Hancock, and George Harrison. George Harrison, of course, died in 2001 IOTL, but ITTL, he didn't develop lung cancer despite his smoking habit, having quit after his bout with throat cancer in 1997. He was never attacked in his home ITTL, which might be what kept his body strong enough to fend off the cancer, and began writing what he knew would be his last album in 2005. A beautiful compilation of guitar and vocals, Spellcraft got rave reviews from critics, though it only peaked at #7 on the Billboard album charts. Ironically, George Harrison and Herbie Hancock contributed to a song on each other's abums, and the “competition” between the two for this award was incredibly friendly. It was thought that Selena's Pluma Roja, a revivification of her career and a series of collaborations with popular artists, might win if Harrison and Hancock split the vote, but Spellcraft won the night's biggest award. Though the votes would never be officially revealed, it was INCREDIBLY close between Harrison, Hancock, and Selena, with only a few votes separating the three of them. Though Harrison did fend off lung cancer in the early 2000s, he couldn't avoid it forever, and in 2009 he would get the lung cancer diagnosis that would eventually kill him a few months later.)


    Maria Menounos: And Access Hollywood was all over the Grammys last night, as the stars came out on music's biggest night to celebrate the hits of 2007.

    *Numerous celebrities can be seen, including Justin Timberlake, Selena, Kanye West, Rihanna, Aggro, and Dave Grohl*

    Menounos: We even got a glimpse of a few of the newest stars on the scene, including young pop starlet Taylor Swift and spunky voiced singer Sara Bareilles. Swift performed one of her songs from her debut album, winning over the crowd after she charmed our photographers with her gorgeous Versace dress.

    *Taylor Swift can be seen posing in her dress for photographers*

    Menounos: Pharrell Williams, who notably collaborated with Selena on Pluma Rosa, brought a young guest to the ceremonies last night, and proclaimed her the future of the industry.

    *A somewhat androgynous thirteen year old girl can be seen with Williams as the two walk down the red carpet, the girl is recognizable from a couple of Youtube videos she did in 2006 covering famous anime theme songs*

    Reporter: Who's your friend?

    Pharrell: This is M.S., and she's one of the most talented artists I've had the privilege of working with.

    M.S.: *smiles and gives a peace sign to the camera* Hey.

    Menounos: Her real name is Martina Sanders, and she achieved some degree of fame online for her covers of songs from famous anime shows such as Sailor Moon. She's also achieved notoriety for her unusual appearance and her refusal to be addressed in public by anything but her initials.

    M.S.: *to the reporter* Who's Martina? *smirks*

    Menounos: Her album debuted late last year, and while it failed to crack the Billboard Top 200 in the States, it was a hit in Korea, reaching #3 on the charts there. It was also #7 in Germany and #10 in Brazil. She wasn't at the Grammys to perform, only to watch as Pharrell's guest, but she did get into a bit of a tiff with Taylor Swift in the lobby of the theater. Sources say that M.S. insulted Taylor's dress, and that Taylor responded with an obscene gesture, though no pictures or video of the incident have emerged. Mild controversy aside, the 2008 Grammy Awards went mostly smoothly. Even Kanye West was well behaved, despite losing Album of the Year to Beatles legend George Harrison.

    Kanye West: You know, man, he's a Beatle. I don't got anything bad to say about The Beatles, they're legends. All power to my brother George.

    Menounos: Selena was a good sport too, despite losing Album of the Year to Harrison, the two were seen laughing together at a Grammy after party, and later, Selena's husband Chris Perez could be seen playing guitar with the legend himself. A private guitar lesson from one of the most beloved musicians of all time. It's the kind of thing you can only see on Grammy night, and that's why this is one of the most anticipated nights of the year in the entertainment world.

    -from the February 11, 2008 episode of Access Hollywood

    Hikaru Utada, it seems, was only the first of many Asian acts to make their way across the Pacific to American shores. Korean artist BoA will be releasing a highly anticipated crossover album later this year, and fellow Korean act The Wonder Girls will be embarking on a North American concert tour in the summer. The popularity of the website Videocean, which hosts music videos and songs from international artists worldwide almost the moment they're released, has spurned a massive Asian pop boom driven by download sales. Though few Asian acts have cracked the physical Billboard charts, the iTunes charts are lighting up with sales for dozens of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese bands and solo artists, and a growing proportion of these sales are coming directly from the United States and Canada. Though download sales don't count toward an artist's Billboard ranking, the popularity of certain songs has led to radio play for a few of the top downloaded artists, particularly on the West Coast. And in a sign of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, American artists are beginning to incorporate K-Pop and J-Pop stylings in their acts. R+B artist Pharrell Williams is releasing an Asian inspired album later this year, and he's personally taken young artist M.S. under his creative wing. He produced her debut album, which features pop songs mixed with J-Pop style instrumentals, and while that album hasn't yet charted in the states, it's seeing growing sales on download services and its songs are getting millions of views on both Videocean and Youtube. Whether or not artists such as Taylor Swift, Lizzy Free, and Katy Perry choose to incorporate the new sound could determine the course of pop music at the end of this decade and into the next.”

    -from an article in the March 2, 2008 issue of Variety magazine


    2008 Oscar Nominees: (winners in bold)

    Best Picture-

    The Clockmaker
    I Am Legend
    No Country For Old Men

    (Note: No Country For Old Men is still made ITTL, and it still takes Best Picture, with The Clockmaker being its only serious competition. The film is fairly close to what it was IOTL, and is still considered by critics to be one of the best movies of all time. Asphalt is a notable contender, an original TTL film directed by John Singleton, following the life of a marijuana dealer in a suburban ghetto. It was highly praised by critics, but no match for the Coens' masterpiece.

    Best Director-

    Christopher Nolan for The Clockmaker
    Jason Reitman for Juno
    Joel and Ethan Coen for No Country For Old Men
    John Singleton for Asphalt
    Jon Favreau for Skills

    (Note: This category was ridiculously close, with only a couple votes separating Christopher Nolan from the Coen Brothers here. Nobody else had any shot in this category whatsoever.)

    Best Actor-

    Cillian Murphy for Dead And Away
    Leonardo DiCaprio for Blood Diamond
    Robin Williams for The Clockmaker
    Timothy Spall for Mark My Words
    Will Smith for I Am Legend

    (Note: Blood Diamond got made a year later than IOTL, so Leonardo DiCaprio actually gave two Oscar-worthy performances in 2007: Blood Diamond and The Novelists. He couldn't be nominated for both, and Blood Diamond was the one that got him in. Cillian Murphy's performance as a guilt-plagued survivor in Dead And Away and Timothy Spall's performance as a playwright in 18th century England were heavily praised, but Robin Williams took home the Oscar for his amazing performance in The Clockmaker.)

    Best Actress-

    Ellen Page for Juno
    Laura Linney for The Savages
    Natalie Portman for The Novelists
    Parker Posey for Lessons From Space
    Taryn Manning for Skills

    (Note: Ellen Page was able to take the Oscar in this wide open category in which all five nominees were believed to have a decent shot. Parker Posey gave probably the best performance of the year in Lessons From Space, where she played Barbara Morgan, the alternate teacher from the fateful Challenger mission, and Taryn Manning's incredible turn as a middle school teacher with a hidden talent in the dramedy Skills was quite well received and compared to Page's performance in Juno. Ultimately, it was Ellen Page who managed to claim the prize she couldn't claim IOTL.)

    Best Supporting Actor-

    Ben Foster for Too Far Too Fast
    Casey Affleck for The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
    Heath Ledger for The Clockmaker
    Javier Bardem for No Country For Old Men
    Tupac Shakur for Asphalt

    (Note: Heath Ledger's performance as a detective in The Clockmaker kept audience's on the edge of their seats, and just barely edged out favorite Javier Bardem's performance as Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men. It was close, though, and many Oscar observers thought Tupac might pull off a dark horse victory, but it wasn't to be.)

    Best Supporting Actress-

    Alice Braga for I Am Legend
    Cate Blanchett for I'm Not There
    Helena Bonham Carter for Lady Youngblood
    Queen Latifah for The Place I Called Home
    Toni Collette for Reputation

    (Note: Queen Latifah wowed audiences as the sister of a woman who returns to her old town to mourn her estranged mother in The Place I Called Home. Her stern, emotional performance made the audience feel incredible sympathy for her character, and she was considered the favorite in the category, even over powerhouses like Blanchett and Collette.)


    Female Reporter: Just... just one second, just a moment please, Heath?

    Heath Ledger: Oh...! *he comes over to where the reporter is standing* Yeah, hi!

    Reporter: Just wanted to ask how it feels to win an Oscar.

    Ledger: Well, it's great, but it's only because of the hard work of so many people to get me here.

    Reporter: You spent a lot of time up there on that stage thanking Robin Williams and Christopher Nolan.

    Ledger: Of course! The time I spent with them on set, I learned a lot from both of them. Robin is just, he's the nicest and the funniest guy, and I'd love to work with Chris again.

    Reporter: So now King Arthur is coming out this summer, the last one in the trilogy, you just finished filming that?

    Ledger: What a journey, what a journey.

    Reporter: Anything you want to say about it?

    Ledger: It's going to be amazing. Everybody should go see it, I had a blast filming it.

    Reporter: Thanks again for your time, Heath!

    Ledger: Sure thing, thank you.

    -from an E! News Oscar after party report on February 24, 2008


    (Authors' Note: The original TTL person M.S. belongs to our reader Neoteros, and you will be seeing more of her.)
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    Yay, Heath is alive! Did he solve his sleeping problems that killed him due to overdose on medication?
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    Has there been any other changes to Nolan's filmography? I assume Following and Memento are still the same. But did he still remake Insomnia with Pacino and Williams ITTL. Obviously no Batman Begins and the Clockmaker is replacing the Dark Knight. What of the Prestige?
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    Wonder if Ellen Page will still work with David Cage ITTL now that she has an Oscar.
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    Some info on the original character I conceived: in a world where anime/video game fandom developed at a quicker pace than in OTL, and where an Asian music boom is around the corner, sooner or later a music personality kinda had to try and profit off of the fangirl and weeb demographic, and Pharrell... well, he is kind of a weeb himself. And since we already know Brittany Saldita's future, I don't think I'm spoiling too much by saying that this 13 year old will die before the end of the TL. How? Well... in a very plot relevant way.
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    Interesting to see Heath Ledger around... He really was a talented guy.

    M.S... I’m getting vibes of Paul brothers and Lil Tay... God help us all.
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    Wendy's a very aggressive pacifist. She's a vegan and the kind of person who would actively avoid stepping on a bug. She's a kind person but she can be quite abrasive when she's really worked up about something. She hates violent games but she does enjoy puzzle games and later on she'll enjoy point and clicks that don't involve violence.

    Doug Walker is currently doing Nostalgia Critic videos as of 2008. MarzGurl won the Nostalgia Chick contest and is working for Doug in that capacity. Brad Jones isn't doing the Cinema Snob series yet, and may not do it at all as he's currently working as a movie critic for a local paper. James Rolfe is doing Angry Video Game Nerd episodes, and because of his marriage to actress Jennifer Morrison (in 2007), he's making connections with Hollywood figures. He won't do as many Nerd episodes as IOTL due to having LOTS of other commitments but he does continue to do them as a side gig. Mike Matei is actually doing his own game review series, though he's still friends with James Rolfe. Linkara never saw Sailor Moon ITTL, but he did get into shows like Constant Payne and Gunsmith Cats. He's doing more with the anime/manga fandom ITTL, and may end up working on something like the Abridged series.

    No significant ones, most of the ones that did come out were too obscure to mention.

    Oh, BTW, be careful when quoting long posts, it stretches out the topic and makes it difficult for mobile.

    He's still dealing with some mild mental health issues, but he never developed a severe sleeping problem ITTL. He should be just fine. He's currently dating his King Arthur co-star Rose Byrne.

    No Insomnia or Prestige ITTL.
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    Whoo, Heath Ledger is still alive! Hope he’ll be alright for a while.

    And good on Paramore for that Grammy; well deserved IMO.
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    She's just a weeb who is being enabled by another weeb; and she's not a bad person, she's just kind of weird: her brother is a person with autism that probably got fucked hard by the whole Chris-Chan thing, and some people might wonder if she is in fact on the spectrum herself - considering how even in OTL autism is massively underdiagnosed in women, the answer might very well be a big, fat, yes. She won't be a Chris Brown or a Justin Bieber, but I can see her becoming a G-Dragon or a Lady Gaga: an eccentric who may or may not have a slight ego problem, but a nice person nonetheless.
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    Well, that’s a nice surprise for once.
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    Any idea what may have replaced them ITTL?
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    what happen to dragon ball abridge? and team 4 star?
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  18. Threadmarks: Winter 2008 (Part 1) - Still Casting A SegaNet

    RySenkari Lisa Simpson 2020

    Nov 1, 2010
    Five Years After Apple's Acquisition Of Sega, SegaNet Remains An Enduring Legacy

    When Apple paid nearly a billion dollars for Sega's gaming division in 2003, the company acquired a massive slate of legendary gaming IPs: Sonic The Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, Streets Of Rage, Ecco The Dolphin, to name a few. However, the company also acquired the rights to SegaNet, the interactive online gaming service initially started on the Sega Saturn, continued through to the Katana and now appearing on the Apple iTwin. Apple could have dropped the Sega name, or rolled the service into its iTunes marketplace. However, the SegaNet name remains, and looks to remain Apple's official online service indefinitely. SegaNet, which costs $49.99 a year, allows iTwin, iPod Play, and iPhone owners to play Sega games with one another online. Some games, such as Pixelworld, are excluded from this subscription umbrella, though most games, including Phantasy Star Online 2 and Chu Chu Rockets, the latter of which launched yesterday for the iTwin, do require that paid subscription. However, a SegaNet subscription comes with a number of other perks, including membership in Apple's online game communities (which remain some of the best and best moderated video game communities online, and as of 2006, you can access them from either your console, your web browser, or your mobile device), and a selection of free game downloads and game discounts. Apple makes three retro games and three contemporary games available every month free of charge to SegaNet subscribers, with January 2008's offerings including Contra: Probotector (Genesis), Light Crusader (Mega Charger), and Yuna Anthology (Saturn) amongst the retro games, and Virtua Cop 3 (Katana), Frantix (iPod Play), and Scubatube (iTwin) as the contemporary games. Past free offerings have included virtually all the major Sonic The Hedgehog titles prior to Sonic Rover, RPG classics like Lords Of Skylein and Skies Of Arcadia, and even iPod Play killer app Deva Station was offered for free in August 2007. People who have been signed up for SegaNet just since the launch of the iTwin have 66 titles to their name, less than a buck a piece for some serious classics and even a few modern day hits. Though Microsoft is offering a similar service with Xbox Live Gold, you only get two free games a month, and few retro classics unless you count the few free Xbox Steam PC games they've put on offer. SegaNet is offering some serious value, which Reggie Fils-Aime has promised since the modern iteration of the service began in 2003. Even though the price has slowly increased over the years, so has what you get for your money, and with more and more people flocking to the Apple ecosystem, SegaNet has never looked like a better value. Despite all of this, Xbox Live remains the #1 subscription gaming service on consoles, with about a million more paid subscriptions than SegaNet. SegaNet has been closing the gap, though, and with more iTwin systems than Xbox 2s in the hands of consumers, that gap will likely continue to get smaller as the months go by.

    -from a January 16, 2008 article on Kotaku


    Adam Sessler: The bottom line is that Chu Chu Rockets is one of the best puzzle games in recent memory. It takes full advantage of the iTwin's capabilities to put a massive amount of objects and action on screen at once, but the screen never once feels crowded, even when cats and mice are flying around and explosions are going off everywhere. It reinvents the series formula, which was beginning to get stale, and incorporates the new game mechanics almost flawlessly. 16 player online free for alls are something that every gamer has to experience at some point in their life, but even if you don't feel like getting online, you can play with three other people in the comfort of your own home and it's almost as fun.

    Morgan Webb: This game represents a serious effort on the part of Apple to get more people playing online. It's geared toward families, but hardcore puzzle junkies will get something out of it too, especially that brutal single player campaign.

    Sessler: The incorporation of the motion controls is done really well, just be careful you don't end up flinging one of your iTwin controllers through your TV screen during a particularly heated match, if there's anything Chu Chu Rockets has taught me it's the reason why there's a strap on each of these controllers.

    Webb: This is by far the best puzzle game to date on the iTwin, and the best party game as well. It even tops the amazingly addictive Twin Monkey Ball, which I never thought I'd end up saying.

    Sessler: We here at X-Play give Chu Chu Rockets a 5 out of 5.

    -from the January 17, 2008 episode of G4's X-Play


    Apple Plans First Phantasy Star Online 2 Expansion For Later This Year

    In an announcement today, Apple announced the first full expansion for Phantasy Star Online 2, their hit MMORPG that launched alongside the iTwin last March. Called The Fields Of Reyna, the game adds a brand new planet for exploration, including some massive new beasts to fight, new quests to undertake, and powerful new treasures. The planet of Reyna, on which most of the expansion takes place, is a mysterious world caught between the sci-fi space realm of the present and the Arkirealm, in which the planet's eventful past is put on full display. Players must work together to solve the planet's mysteries if they are to find the greatest treasures within. The expansion will also add new quest content to existing worlds and new treasures randomly distributed throughout loot chests and enemy drops. The Fields Of Reyna is being offered for $9.99, but players won't have to buy the expansion to get some of the new content: only the planet itself and most of the quests are locked to the expansion, while many of the new items will be available outside of it once the expansion goes live. Apple has not yet announced a release date, but it is expected to be released sometime in the first half of the year, and many are speculating it may go live during Apple's E3 2008 presentation.

    Though The Fields Of Reyna is the first true major expansion for Phantasy Star Online 2, patches and free DLC have steadily been added to the game at the rate of one download every two weeks or so. Every month sees a new quest added to the game, which has expanded by an estimated 15% since its launch last year. However, this pales in comparison to the expansion of competing MMORPGs World Of Warcraft and Final Fantasy Online, the former of which has nearly doubled in size since its launch in 2004, while Final Fantasy Online saw the major Wings Of The Goddess expansion in 2007, which added about 30% more content to the already massive game. Though Phantasy Star Online 2 is a significantly more graphically advanced game than the Wave's flagship fantasy, Squaresoft has already announced an enhanced remake of Final Fantasy Online for the Sapphire that will include updated graphics and both of the game's planned Wave expansions already installed. It'll likely be 2009 or 2010 before that remake is complete, however, making Phantasy Star Online 2 the only game in town as far as current generation MMORPGs are concerned. It also has the advantage of having no monthly fee outside of the player's already existing SegaNet subscription. So far, Phantasy Star Online 2 has over one million active players, making it the third biggest MMORPG currently on the market, and is said to be slowly catching up to Final Fantasy Online.

    -from an article, posted on February 1, 2008
  19. Neoteros Dux Mediolani

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    With WoW having some serious competition in the form of Final Fantasy Online, the expansions are going to be very different from OTL's.
  20. 245 Well-Known Member

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    will world of Warcraft exist? and what happen to everquest?
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