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  1. Carpenter's Hammer: When Karen went Punk. A Hensonverse TLIAW
    Threadmarks: We've Only Just Begun

    [Fade In] Haunting orchestral music plays faintly over a field of black. One by one video clips fly onto the screen, take precedence up front, then fall into the background, each sequentially taking a random spot on the screen, top, bottom, left, or right, stretched out towards the back, slowly...
  2. Childhood dreams - 1 company - 2 mascots

    Hello, before we get started this is all in good fun and is meant to be my take on 'What If Nintendo bought SEGA', I'd appricate all the comments on my story and contributions I can get, just don't add anything to major since I don't want anything to get in the way of my vision for this...
  3. captain-wacky

    TL85: What if Warner didn't lose its cable networks?
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    "ah sweet, another Warner Bros. AU, as if FoxWarner wasn't enough..." well, let me tell you something… ...this AU is completely different from that one. So... Atari just so happened to get nuked thanks to the video game crash and its licensed E.T. video game IRL. and not only did that crash...
  4. To Regain Your Lost Shadows: A Better U.S. Response To Holocaust Refugees
    Threadmarks: Introduction - Freak Accident (1935)

    This is officially my first attempt at an alternate history (which I have been thinking about for quite a long time); if there’s anything I might need help with (especially with historical accuracy), feel free to collaborate and assist with editing. Excerpt from The New York Times...
  5. Types and popularity of Russian series without communism

    At the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th century, Russian culture experienced its heyday, giving writers such as Tolostoy, Dostoyevsky, ballets such as Swan Lake and others, being defined as the best or at least one of the best in the world. but after the Bolshevik coup it declined, and to...
  6. MemphisC

    What if Nintendo Stays in the Arcades (Reboot)
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    this timeline is a reboot of my first ever timeline called What if Nintendo Stayed in the Arcades (V1) and a return to form for my projects. which i kept making and trying to get bigger and bigger until i went into a project so large that i quit and reflected on what project i should do; and...
  7. JaguarCD

    Interesting Southwestern US cultural PoDs

    I'm curious on what this site can offer in regards to this region of the United States of America. For instance, I heard on a Cine Capri documentary that the Star Wars fandom in Arizona alone was so enthusiastic, the prequels were made because of them, starting a huge action science...
  8. joeyb0ii

    Pop-culture in Fuherreich: Legacy of the Great War

    This thread is inspired by the original Kaiserreich pop-culture thread which can be linked here: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/pop-culture-of-the-kaiserreich.475922/, it's also an inpiration of this here...
  9. Gnomepilled

    George Lucas gets captured or killed by VC

    Apocalypse Now was originally going to be directed George Lucas, Director of THX 1138. He would go on to use ideas from Apocalypse Now for Star Wars. He planned to film in South Vietnam in an active war zone. This is obviously a terrible idea and he could get killed. in this TL the Vietcong...
  10. Gnomepilled

    Morrowind flops

    A while ago I made a thread about what if Bethesda didn't buy Fallout but I have a new Bethesda thread. What if Bethesda never made the Microsoft deal and Morrowind flopped. This will obviously kill Bethesda. I remember learning about this a while ago but Todd Howard and Bill Gates had a bet...
  11. The Clown Prince's Thorned Crown- A 1970s Pop Culture Timeline

    Prologue- The 1970s were filled with many groundbreaking voices, and many of them went to do great work in their respective fields. The entertainment industry was no different. By the time that it concluded, arguably more transformations had happened in Hollywood over the past decade, than...
  12. KPyall

    The Indrema Revolution [REVAMPED] - An Alternate History of Indrema, Pop Culture, and Gaming
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    The Indrema Revolution [REVAMPED] by KPyall (and other contributors) Welcome back to the Indrema Revolution! I wanted to try this again, but I'll try to avoid the pitfalls of the original story. The idea for this started officially in January 2022, and focuses on a company called Indrema...
  13. anchorman2k3

    Driven for the Disk: an alternate timeline about the Nintendo 64, 64DD, and the wider 5th generation of video gaming and the culture surrounding it

    Aah, the 5th generation of video games... arguably, the one that propulsed gaming back onto the mainstream. It's famous for a lot of reasons, including the meteoric rise of Sony in the gaming space, the disgraceful fall of Sega, the advent of 3D graphics... I could name a lot. But still, the...
  14. Gillan1220

    Sports and Pop-Culture in a world without COVID-19?

    Inspired from the thread WI: Pop Culture in a world without 9/11 So let's say POD is COVID just never exists. Everything is just normal from late 2019 to present ATL. What changes to sports and pop-culture would happen? I can list a few: E3 2020 goes ahead as with all concerts and music...
  15. Jay_Maxu

    Ease on Down the Road: A Motown-MGM Timeline
    Threadmarks: Side A: The Two Lions - Track A1, Encountering the Backlots

    Berry Gordy Jr. and Suzanne de Passe. ("classic.motown.com" and "facebook.com") … How the start of Motown’s next, bold era is often simplified. Often, it’s simply put as [Berry] Gordy having always had his idea and simply done it. As it usually is, however, the truth is far more complicated...
  16. The Shuffled Disneyverse 2.0: Another Alternate Disney Canon Timeline

    I've decided to reboot this TL but with some twists. There will be 12 animation/live-action hybrids (including Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers) plus the Goofy Movie. So instead of just 62 films, there will be 75 titles total excluding Pixar. And with Pixar, I've decided to add the shorts to the...
  17. Dear Pesky Partners... - A Nintendo-Philips Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Hello, and welcome to Dear Pesky Partners! Before we get into the timeline proper, I'd like to make a short introductory post addressing a few things about it. What is this timeline's focus? While video games are one of this timeline's main focuses, this timeline will also take a look at pop...
  18. Gnomepilled

    Gta3 cancelled after 9/11

    After 9/11 gta3 was almost cancelled. The reason why is because Rockstar offices were right next to the wtc. Just for you to know Vice City was in development at the time so there still would have been a Gta 3.
  19. KPyall

    (OLD) The Indrema Revolution - An Alternate History of Indrema
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    NOTE: This version of the TL is no longer being worked on. Check out the new version here: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/the-indrema-revolution-revamped-an-alternate-history-of-indrema.547990/ The Indrema Revolution by KPyall Howdy, the name's KP! This is my first timeline...
  20. Mr Red Stone

    A new way to play a Nintendo and pop culture story
    Threadmarks: Chapter one point of diversion V1

    Nintendo You probably Heard about them before, you know One of the oldest living companies still alive today one of the big "Three" creators of some of the most innovative consoles and owners of some of the biggest IPs of all time Yeah that Nintendo, But I'm very sure you have never heard of...