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  1. Pop Culture DBWI: American Star Trek, British Doctor Who

    Everybody knows that Doctor Who has defined Science Fiction on TV. For most Americans, when they think of Sci-fi, they think of Doctor Who. In recent years, Britain's own tentpole Sci-Fi series, Star Trek, has blown up in popularity internationally. The productions and fandoms of these two...
  2. THeaven

    1980's Comic book movie boom

    Flash Gordon and Popeye are both considered cult classics but bombed in 1980 But let's make a world where both movies were as successful on release as Superman 2 and the three movies started a comic book/strip movie boom in the 1980s causing various failed comic movies (& possibly TV shows) to...
  3. Blaster Master

    What If: A Film Rating System Before the Hays Code

    This idea came up to me after my last post on this thread of mine. I figured then if I couldn't get rid of age ratings, then I can at the very least create one that is actually noble in it's cause; hence the AFRC. The American Film Rating Council is founded by Charles Capil in 1915. Unlike most...
  4. The New Archies, a TDiA supplement
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    You haven’t done this in a while! I know. I know. But now I’m back haha. An Archie timeline? How does that work? Different comics? A TV show in the 70s. Based upon an actual TV pilot from ‘76. And it takes place in the The Dream is Alive universe? How’s that coming? Ever heard of a little...
  5. WI: Nickelodeon with its own version of Adult Swim

    What if Nickelodeon developed its own equivalent to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim? How successful might it be, and what might it look like?
  6. WI: Dermot Morgan survives

    There are some people who die before they can show their full potential. One of these was an Irish actor and comedian named Dermot Morgan. While his talents were widely recognized, he had difficulty finding consistent success. He finally found acclaim playing the title character on the sitcom...
  7. Lantz' Dance with Destiny: A Collaborative TL

    1972: Walter Lantz decides to manage his budget while making cartoons for Walter Lantz Productions, with the result of a firm money settlement. After several cartoons are made, Walter gets a fair amount of money, the same he estimated he'd get in a decade. During a luncheon with his friends...
  8. TobyTerbium123

    Your personal pop culture dystopia timeline

    Hey AHers, what's your personal pop culture dystopia timeline? By this, I mean everything in pop culture doesn't work out well for you, the shows that disappointed you disappoint you even more, your favourite ship (as long as it isn't a crackship) has less acceptance in the fandom, the shows...
  9. Two Helicopters in Northern California
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    George Lucas was furious. It had been painful enough when his first film THX-1138 had been butchered by the studio in the name of mass appeal, which hadn’t happened anyway. But now his new film American Graffiti was suffering the same fate despite a smash success preview screening that the...
  10. Monstrous: a Collaborative TL
    Threadmarks: Monsters, Inc.

    This TL, we get a little monstrous... November 2, 1991: Disney's newest animated film, Monsters, Inc., comes out in theaters. Directed by Frank Oz, and starring John Candy and Billy Crystal. Even though it gets mixed reviews, it does a good amount at the box office.
  11. Effects on Society without a Self-Help industry.

    Hello! I have been wondering about this for sometime. Given the effects that the Self-Help "industry" (Literature, speakers, etc.) has on our society. What if did not exist? Would society be in a worse shape? or in a better one?
  12. The-English-Alexander

    Pure Imagination: Pop Culture’s Different Path

    Pure Imagination: Pop Culture’s Different Path
  13. The National Basketball Association in the BSiC Universe

    Hello AH.com, long time reader, first time poster here. I recently came across @President_Lincoln 's incredible storyline titled "Blue Skies in Camelot." I just finished reading through what has been finished thus far, and in anticipation of whatever Mr. President is planning on adding to the...
  14. Cakebear

    AHC: Greg Lake is the only consistent member of King Crimson (No ELP lineup!)

    The master Guitarist Robert Fripp has been the only consistent member of progressive rock band King Crimson for about 60 years and has been in that band since the very beginning. Since he was the de facto leader of the band, he would often disband the band and reform it to suit a new style. So...
  15. Caravels of Portugal

    AHC: Create 'Orientsploitation' films

    The challenge is to create an ATL film genre based on this prompt below: As an addition, you must also create films fitting the film genre based on the prompt's definition.
  16. MegaToon1234

    Carter Comes Clean - A Collaborative Pop Culture TL

    This is a collaborative timeline with a special POD: What'll happen if Jimmy Carter had beaten Ronald Reagan in the 1980 election? When Jimmy Carter was elected president in 1980, things becoming a little different. There'll be different effects on politics, pop culture, technology...
  17. British Biscuit

    DBWI: Stan Lee & Jack Kirby Die on Different Dates?

    Stan Lee was born on December 28, 1922 and died on February 6, 1994 at the age of 71 years old. Jack Kirby was born on August 28, 1917 and died on November 12, 2018 at the ripe old age of 101 years old. What if their dates of death were swapped? Stan Lee dies in 2018 at age of 95 and Kirby...
  18. Keith Relf joins Led Zeppelin

    After the Yardbirds broke up Keith decided to join Jimmy Page's band as a rhythm guitarist. What will change to the band? Keith doesn't die in 1976.
  19. Iron Age Comics PODs

    The Iron Age (or Modern Age, but I prefer the term Iron Age because what's "modern" is always shifting) is generally considered to have started in 1996 and continues today. So I'd like to ask if there are any interesting PODs during this era you'd like to discuss. Here are some I have: - What...
  20. HRH Cecily

    Alternate Doctor Who

    Would anyone be interested in co-writing an alternate Doctor Who history timeline? I have some ideas of what I’d like to do with it (including launching a spinoff show) but I’ve never done a pop culture timeline before (or a post-1900 one for that matter) and I think this would be really fun to...