1. WI: Kazakhstan never left the Soviet Union

    IOTL Kazakhstan was the last Soviet Republic to declare independence from the USSR. So what would happen if they simply decide to continue the legacy of the Soviet Union, but in Kazakhstan ? And maybe integrate Kyrgyzstan back as an autonomous province. How will this change Central Asia and the...
  2. ParasaurEwan

    AHC: A plausible timeline to leave all post-1985 Anglophone Pop culture unrecognizable

    Basically, the challenge is, without Political Dystopia or Nuclear war, have a timeline which, by an alternate 2023, most American Pop Culture in the last 35 years we know doesn't exist, with a POD after the year 1985. The doesn't need to be from pop culture.
  3. Crisis in the Kremlin - Our 1988 USSR
    Threadmarks: Chapter Twenty Two: The Moscow Summit and Andreeva's debut (January 1988 - August 1988)

    Chapter Twenty Two: The Moscow Summit and Andreeva's debut (January 1988 - August 1988) In May 1988 a major change occurred at the one of the highest levels of Soviet politics, although with little real effect. Second General Secretary Dinmukhamed Kunaev finally left his post, following on from...
  4. KPyall

    The Indrema Revolution [REVAMPED] - An Alternate History of Indrema, Pop Culture, and Gaming
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    The Indrema Revolution [REVAMPED] by KPyall (and other contributors) Welcome back to the Indrema Revolution! I wanted to try this again, but I'll try to avoid the pitfalls of the original story. The idea for this started officially in January 2022, and focuses on a company called Indrema...
  5. Otakuninja2006

    What If Apple Released A REAL Gaming Console?

    Let's say that, sometime around say, the mid 2000s, Apple got the courage to give the gaming industry another shot. We all know that the Apple Bandai Pippin failed so bad that it led Apple nearer to bankruptcy and Bandai almost merged with Sega, but by the mid 2000s, Apple was pretty much at...
  6. KPyall

    (OLD) The Indrema Revolution - An Alternate History of Indrema
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    NOTE: This version of the TL is no longer being worked on. Check out the new version here: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/the-indrema-revolution-revamped-an-alternate-history-of-indrema.547990/ The Indrema Revolution by KPyall Howdy, the name's KP! This is my first timeline...
  7. TheDoofusUser

    AHC : Worse 90s, Dystopic 2000s

    So the 1990s up to 2008 was, while not perfect (considering Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, 9/11, Sudan, Rwanda, Chechnya, the failed August coup, etc, etc), it was better than it really should've been all things considered, especially with the break up of the Soviet Union involved. So, with a...
  8. TheDoofusUser

    A Better Late 20th/21st Century for Mexico

    So we all know what happened to Mexico in the 1980s to Present : Under the PRI Dictatorship, it became embroiled in corruption and the wars with the Cartels then Vicente Fox and his successor made it worse, then we had the return of PRI with Npeto or whatever his name was, and now we have AMLO...
  9. REDmountain2010

    Civil war started in china in 2002

    so the pod is that the Sino-soviet split never happens and china and soviet union become very close to each other with economic and political ties but as the soviet union started to decline in 1980s china also started to decline and when the soviet union collapsed the Chinese economy completely...
  10. AHC: With a POD after 2000, make the 00s as Bad for the US as Possible

    Okay, so the goal is pretty simple Start with a POD sometime after 12:00 AM 01/01/2000, and from it, make the next decade as bad for the United States of America as you can. Cause as much chaos, misery, and misfortune for the US - both for the government and the people - as could possibly...
  11. Taunay

    WI: China never joins the WTO

    For some reason, the US fails/never bothers to support Chinese entry and the PRC never enters the World Trade Organization. What would be the impact of that on the world? For sure, the 2000s commodities boom won't be as big as it was IOTL. This would have major implications in Latin American...
  12. WI: Earlier MCU in early/mid 2000s?

    So I’ve lately been working on @TheBeanieBaron’s DC Comics Cinematic Universe collab TL (you can find it here), and after it started mentioning the Spiderman films and that TL’s version of the MCU, it got me thinking - what if 2000’s X-Men, 2002’s Spider-Man, and 2003’s The Hulk had created an...
  13. Button_Revenge

    Just Like Starting Over: An Alternate Beatles Timeline

    Welcome to Just Like Starting Over! A new pop culture timeline that asks, “What if John and Paul just couldn’t resist $3,000?” I joke, but I truly hope I can bring a great pop culture timeline to you all, starting right here, right now. Some information before we begin: If you have an idea...
  14. WI: Shanghai clique keeps power in PRC (No Hu Jintao)

    Shanghai clique ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shanghai_clique#2012:_Xi_Jinping_takes_power ) was an informal circle of CCP officials whose rise to prominence was achieved through the patronage of Jiang Zeming. In today's China this group recieved a name of ''Shanghai gang'' due to the...
  15. WI: Clinton resigned in 1999? (A Collaborative TL)

    (Following the success of my first collab TL, which is still in progress, (you can check it out here: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/wi-the-beatles-died-in-1964-a-collaborative-tl.525360/), I figured I'd make another one, and it's about a much more recent even that could've gone...
  16. WI: The Beatles died in 1964? (A Collaborative TL)

    (This is my first ATL, so I hope it turns out well) February 7th, 1964: While on their way to John F. Kennedy Airport, the Beatles' plane crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. There are no survivors reported. (Feel free to add whatever events or PODs you want, just as long as it's not ASB)
  17. mspence

    WI: No Facebook

    So what if there had never been a Facebook, does MySpace survive?
  18. NyQuil

    Gore Strikes Back! A Al Gore 2004 Timeline
    Threadmarks: 2003 PROLOGUE

    On December 16th 2002 Former Vice President Al Gore appeared on 60 Minutes saying that he was still unsure about a 2004 Presidential run and he and his wife Tipper would think about it and make a decision early next year. In March 2003 Gore would start a presidential exploratory committee to...
  19. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: Libya keeps its WMDs?

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Libya (under the presidency of Muammar Qaddafi) sought to normalise relations with the US and the West. A big part of this project was disarmament. In the 1990s, during the early Clinton administration, Libya dismantled its nuclear weapons programme. In...
  20. PakistaniGuyUK

    If a song like 'Dance Monkey' was somehow sent to the year 2000, would a random person realise it was from 20 years in the future?

    What fascinates me A LOT is whether everyday people in the not-too-distant-past would pick up on not-so-obvious and subtle changes in their environment or non-physical things such as music, language, mannerisms if said things were not from their time. Would they instantly realise something was...