1. Moderate Republican

    Kings of the Motor City-How the Detroit Tigers dominated the 2000s.
    Threadmarks: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/kings-of-the-motor-city-how-the-detroit-tigers-dominated-the-2000s.493123/

    (This is a timeline I decided to do along with End of the Page kinda as a side project) “I remember back in June of 97 the definding moment of our dynasty was during the MLB Draft. We were torn between probably one of the best arms of the draft in Matt Anderson and one of the best prospects...
  2. sokkawaterrebel5

    nuclear attack on new millennium

    nuclear attack by a unknown terrorist organization destroys the city of los angeles at the turn of the new millennium
  3. British Biscuit

    AHC: War between Iran & Turkmenistan

    One country is a Shia theocracy and "rogue state"(TM) The other has a reputation as "Central Asia's North Korea", complete with a dictator's personality cult. OTL... the two have no major friction and friendly relations. Surprisingly I've never seen any AH or technothriller works exploring a...
  4. Bomster

    Bush Presidency without 9/11?

    Let's say that somehow 9/11 is foiled or averted quietly, and September 11th, 2001 is just remembered as an ordinary day. What would the rest of George W's presidency have looked like without 9/11 and the War on Terror?
  5. If Gore Had Won in 2000, How Could He Have Addressed Climate Change?

    Since the 1980s, Al Gore's chief policy issue has been climate change. He published the book An Inconvenient Truth in 1989, and starred in a 2006 documentary of the same name. Most discussions about a Gore victory in 2000 tend to focus on how he might've handled 9/11 and the economy differently...
  6. kasumigenx

    Our Obtained Peace a 2000s Timeline

    Our Obtained Peace a 2000s Timeline Miriam Santiago On 1998 Miriam Defensor Santiago would be sworn in as the 13th president of the Philippines, apparently her rivals, Raul Rocco and Alfredo Lim would withdraw before the campaign and Raul Roco would slide as VP and the race was between Erap...
  7. Gillan1220

    Photos from No W-An Alternate 2000s TL

    So with consultation from @Arthur Marston, I thought it would be interesting to do a visual photo thread for the dystopian scenario of No W written by @Lost Freeway (who unfortunately was banned in September 2017) similar to the photo threads for World War Z, 1983: Doomsday, Fatherland, and Man...
  8. DBWI: George Lucas Vetoes "Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods"

    In 2005 George Lucas and Steven Spielberg released the fourth Indiana Jones film, "Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods." Written by Frank Darabont of "The Shawshank Redemption," the film marked Harrison Ford's return to the role of Indiana Jones 16 years after "The Last Crusade." But it...
  9. WI Queen Elizabeth Dies before/during Financial Crisis

    Imagine its announced Queen Elizabeth's health is starting to deteriorate quickly due to being diagnosed with a terminal illness in the the second half of 2006 or early 2007. Depending on what point at which she dies, what implications will this have for the world? EDIT: Got rid of that...
  10. Effects on Call of Duty Series (and Military Games in General) if no 2000s Middle East Conflicts?

    I admit, I know nothing about these games (other than memes) as I'm more into shooters like DOOM, but I've always wondered about the impact of post-9/11/2001 events on the storylines these games focus on, how they sell and are received/reviewed/etc. I see that the first game to not take place...
  11. Foushoo

    DBWI: Yahoo doesn't successfully acquire Google in 2002

    So we all know that Yahoo has been mostly booming since acquiring the young search engine, Google. However not everyone knows that Google drove an incredibly high bargain for their acquisition (over $5 billion IIRC). What if Yahoo didn't acquire Google as they did IOTL? Would Google collapse...
  12. If Bush never took his second term, would the late 90s culture have lasted past 2004?

    People often said "The 90s ended in 2004", and you can kinda see why. Now some would say late 90s culture ended after 9/11 but others say it was still hanging in there 2002-2003. 2004 had a lot of changes that screamed "the 00s culture is here" and the late 90s influences were fully dead...
  13. 2008 Without Hillary Or Obama?

    The idea here is that, for whatever reason, neither Obama or Hillary Clinton are players in the 2008 Presidential election; who could conceivably run in their place and beaten John McCain? The only person with the kind of gravitas I could think of is Colin Powell, perhaps if he decides to switch...
  14. WI: Hillary Clinton Opposes the Iraq War

    What if Senator Hillary Clinton had voted against the Iraq War? Would she have defeated Barack Obama in the 2008 primaries? If nominated, would she have beaten McCain in the general? How would US history have been different if Clinton had opposed the war?
  15. If Gore Wins in 2000 and McCain Wins in '04, Who Wins in '08?

    The year is 2000. Vice-President Al Gore narrowly defeats George W. Bush to become the 43rd US President. Four years later, Gore loses his re-election bid to Senator John McCain. In 2008 President McCain is running for re-election, at least if his health permits. Under these circumstances, and...
  16. DBWI: Bush Wins in 2004

    John Kerry won the 2004 election in a narrow race against President George W. Bush. The election was decided by the state of Ohio, which went for Kerry by less than 1%. What if Bush had carried Ohio and won a second term in 2004?
  17. Challenge: Improve the "Matrix" Sequels

    Similar to my thread on "Return of the Jedi," your challenge is to improve the sequels to "The Matrix." While the original was widely panned, the sequels received mixed to negative reception. What could the filmmakers have done to make them better?
  18. DBWI: Saddam Didn't Have WMDs

    Looking back over 15 years later, it's easy to forget that a lot of people were skeptical of the CIA's findings that Saddam Hussein had active chemical and biological weapons programs. Of course, these findings were later found to be absolutely correct (though claims of Iraqi collaboration with...
  19. WI: Gore Runs in 2004

    In the lead up to the 2004 election, Al Gore was widely expected to run for President once again. But he declined. What if Gore had run?
  20. DBWI: Reverse Cold War--Capitalist America Vs. Communist Russia?

    IOTL, the Cold War was a worldwide standoff between the zealously socialistic People's States of America and the ultra-capitalistic Russian Empire as they built up nuclear arsenals, instigated proxy wars, and masterminded general geopolitical mayhem in order to spread their respective political...