1. WI: Shanghai clique keeps power in PRC (No Hu Jintao)

    Shanghai clique ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shanghai_clique#2012:_Xi_Jinping_takes_power ) was an informal circle of CCP officials whose rise to prominence was achieved through the patronage of Jiang Zeming. In today's China this group recieved a name of ''Shanghai gang'' due to the...
  2. WI: Clinton resigned in 1999? (A Collaborative TL)

    (Following the success of my first collab TL, which is still in progress, (you can check it out here: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/wi-the-beatles-died-in-1964-a-collaborative-tl.525360/), I figured I'd make another one, and it's about a much more recent even that could've gone...
  3. WI: The Beatles died in 1964? (A Collaborative TL)

    (This is my first ATL, so I hope it turns out well) February 7th, 1964: While on their way to John F. Kennedy Airport, the Beatles' plane crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. There are no survivors reported. (Feel free to add whatever events or PODs you want, just as long as it's not ASB)
  4. mspence

    WI: No Facebook

    So what if there had never been a Facebook, does MySpace survive?
  5. NyQuil

    Gore Strikes Back! A Al Gore 2004 Timeline
    Threadmarks: 2003 PROLOGUE

    On December 16th 2002 Former Vice President Al Gore appeared on 60 Minutes saying that he was still unsure about a 2004 Presidential run and he and his wife Tipper would think about it and make a decision early next year. In March 2003 Gore would start a presidential exploratory committee to...
  6. The_Persian_Cat

    WI: Libya keeps its WMDs?

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Libya (under the presidency of Muammar Qaddafi) sought to normalise relations with the US and the West. A big part of this project was disarmament. In the 1990s, during the early Clinton administration, Libya dismantled its nuclear weapons programme. In...
  7. PakistaniGuyUK

    If a song like 'Dance Monkey' was somehow sent to the year 2000, would a random person realise it was from 20 years in the future?

    What fascinates me A LOT is whether everyday people in the not-too-distant-past would pick up on not-so-obvious and subtle changes in their environment or non-physical things such as music, language, mannerisms if said things were not from their time. Would they instantly realise something was...
  8. NyQuil

    WI:Steve Spurrier returns to Florida in 2005?

    At the end of the 2004 college football season after the Gators fired head coach Ron Zook a lot of people were speculating that legendary former Florida Gators head coach Steve Spurrier was going to return to being the head coach of the Florida Gators in 2005 after resigning from the position...
  9. K4Four

    Tanah Air : An Indonesian timeline
    Threadmarks: Portal page

    Tanah Air An Indonesian timeline Welcome to the Portal Page for the Tanah Air alternate timeline By Bakso Joko Widodo Coat of Arms of Indonesia Foreword The following timeline is my very first one the site. I’ve worked on it, drafted it stopped working on it, and finally, it reached a...
  10. WI: Visegrad Group countries join the EU in 2000

    So, the countries of Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary are welcomed into the European Union quite exactly four years earlier compared to OTL. What kind of effects could this have on the economics and politics of these countries? What could be the effects on the EU as a whole? The world...
  11. Brazilian WI: Ciro Gomes is elected president of Brazil in 2002?

    For a brief time during the first round of the 2002 Brazilian presidential race, former governor of Ceará and former minister of finance Ciro Gomes either led the polls or was just barely behind Lula, the favourite candidate and OTL winner. However, Ciro's numbers collapsed and he eventually got...
  12. Brazilian WI: Cristovam Buarque is reelected governor of Brasília in 1998?

    Elected in 1994, Cristovam Buarque (back then still a member of PT and an ally of Lula) served as governor of the Federal District for four years, from 1995 to 1999. His term was marked by social programs, the most famous of them being Bolsa Escola (the prececessor to Bolsa Família), large...
  13. Idea that I desperately want people to contribute more than me since Idea wise its smart and cool but I don't have the confidence to do it

    Imagine this, a world in which "Naruto" really did exist, but Japan, in a sense to prevent situations to occur such as wars over them keeps everything quiet, as in all of Japan knows but that is it. The hidden villages are known as military bases, and the Nine Tail Attack was a fire at Military...
  14. GameBawesome

    WI: Yugoslavia breakups during mid-200s or early 2010s

    Yugoslavia was former nation in the Balkans, formed from the Southern Slavs after WWI. After decades of ethnic and religious tensions between Serbs, Croatians, Bosnians, Slovenians, and Macedonians, Yugoslavia broke up in 1992, which lead to the most horrific war of the 21st Century, the...
  15. Timeline advice: how do I get an Alan Keyes presidency in 2000?

    Okay, so I'm planning on starting a... less ambitious timeline than the ones I've tried and miserably failed in the past. It's going to be called "The 21st Century - The Most Cursed Century in History". I intend to have a POD in the 1990s but I only want it to start getting really cursed in...
  16. Bomster

    George W. Bush’s first term without 9/11

    What does it look like, and without 9/11 and the War on Terror would Bush have enough popularity to win re-election?
  17. NyQuil

    Kings of the Motor City-How the Detroit Tigers dominated the 2000s.

    (This is a timeline I decided to do along with End of the Page kinda as a side project) “I remember back in June of 97 the definding moment of our dynasty was during the MLB Draft. We were torn between probably one of the best arms of the draft in Matt Anderson and one of the best prospects...
  18. sokkawaterrebel5

    nuclear attack on new millennium

    nuclear attack by a unknown terrorist organization destroys the city of los angeles at the turn of the new millennium
  19. British Biscuit

    AHC: War between Iran & Turkmenistan

    One country is a Shia theocracy and "rogue state"(TM) The other has a reputation as "Central Asia's North Korea", complete with a dictator's personality cult. OTL... the two have no major friction and friendly relations. Surprisingly I've never seen any AH or technothriller works exploring a...
  20. Bomster

    Bush Presidency without 9/11?

    Let's say that somehow 9/11 is foiled or averted quietly, and September 11th, 2001 is just remembered as an ordinary day. What would the rest of George W's presidency have looked like without 9/11 and the War on Terror?