1. Jaiken

    Nintendo’s Midway Direction - A Nintendo and Midway Timeline

    Hello, Jaiken here with another timeline for you to sink your teeth into. This one is based on my very first timeline where Nintendo acquired Midway in 2001; however, that timeline was not up to snuff and I am redoing it. Without further ado let us begin. The year is 2008 and it is December...
  2. TheDoofusUser

    Saturn's Revenge - A SEGA Victory TL
    Threadmarks: How a Helicopter Crash changed everything

    "February 27th, 1993... a date that will live in SEGA infamy...well, my infamy, but I don't speak on the behalf of others [chuckles]. It was a normal day, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was starting development and we were getting started up on our next console for SEGA, the 32X, at least in America. I...
  3. MemphisC

    A Game of Rats and Italians: an Atari Nintendo partnership TL
    Threadmarks: The Intro

    Intro: It is 1984 and Atari is not doing too well, they were suffering their worst years yet and All of Atari was split off from Warner by the beginning of 1984 after suffering from major losses from the Video Game Crash of 1983. The 5200 was a complete failure and Atari needed something quick...
  4. TheDoofusUser

    AHC : SEGA beats Nintendo in the 1st Console War

    In our timeline, SEGA is known as the lesser Nintendo by many, not really releasing consoles as opposed to releasing games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Puyo Puyo, Wonder Boy, Phantasy Star, Streets of Rage, etc, etc while Nintendo has many more classic titles such as Mario, Metroid, Fire Emblem...
  5. AHC: Make Playstation completely fail

    As the title says, have Sony lose the console war and be forced to stop making consoles (like Sega OTL). Also Sony has to be the one to release the console, it can't be some partnership with Nintendo or something.
  6. Childhood dreams - 1 company - 2 mascots

    Hello, before we get started this is all in good fun and is meant to be my take on 'What If Nintendo bought SEGA', I'd appricate all the comments on my story and contributions I can get, just don't add anything to major since I don't want anything to get in the way of my vision for this...
  7. Sirenthedog07

    WI: Rare was close partners with Sega instead of Nintendo in the 90s?

    As we all know, Rare was a huge supporter of Nintendo during the days of the SNES and N64, and really only made 2 games for the Sega Genesis(Battletoads and Battletoads/Double Dragon). But, what if Rare was a close partner for Sega instead of Nintendo, and how could this affect both Sega and...
  8. MemphisC

    What if Nintendo Stays in the Arcades (Reboot)
    Threadmarks: Intro

    this timeline is a reboot of my first ever timeline called What if Nintendo Stayed in the Arcades (V1) and a return to form for my projects. which i kept making and trying to get bigger and bigger until i went into a project so large that i quit and reflected on what project i should do; and...
  9. Jaiken

    Blue Blur Speeds by Nintendo: Sonic Team Joins Nintendo

    It was simple enough. Beat Nintendo to the punch and release a new gaming console that captivated audiences with its 16-bit hardware. Everything was going smoothly until NEC decided to release their console on the scene in 1988 called the Turbo-Graphx16. Most of the game companies joined in...
  10. MrCarioca

    Re-Shuffling the Stars: Super Mario Shuffle-Stars REDUX

    Hi all. As mentioned in the original thread, I have decided to reboot this TL under a new title "Re-Shuffling the Stars". To avoid getting burnt out this time, I have decided to omit a few sports games yet keep the more important ones (Mario Golf, Mario Tennis and the first Mario Strikers). And...
  11. Sirenthedog07

    Enemy Mine, A Nintendo/Sega TL
    Threadmarks: The Announcement

    Hi this is my first alternate history timeline, so writing tips and constructive criticism is appreciated. Plus there aren't a lot of “Nintendo buys Sega in the 2000s' ' timelines out there. Inspiration came from Player Two Start by Nivrk and RySenkari and Burying the Hatchet by Gaminguy010, and...
  12. Jaiken

    Changing Industries: Nintendo pursues Manga instead of Video Games

    We all know the classic titles of Nintendo and the legacy of their characters that have persisted throughout the video game industry. But what if Nintendo instead pursued a different venture. What if Nintendo followed through the manga and anime business? 1970: Nintendo, a small playing card...
  13. Jaiken

    Dream Team: Ken Kutaragi Joins Nintendo

    In 1989, Ken Kutaragi got his daughter a Famicom and realized the potential that existed with video games. He contacted Nintendo when discovering they needed help designing the sound chip for the Super Famicom (Super Nintendo) called the SPC700; however, Kutaragi did this without the knowledge...
  14. anchorman2k3

    Driven for the Disk: an alternate timeline about the Nintendo 64, 64DD, and the wider 5th generation of video gaming and the culture surrounding it

    Aah, the 5th generation of video games... arguably, the one that propulsed gaming back onto the mainstream. It's famous for a lot of reasons, including the meteoric rise of Sony in the gaming space, the disgraceful fall of Sega, the advent of 3D graphics... I could name a lot. But still, the...
  15. Dear Pesky Partners... - A Nintendo-Philips Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Hello, and welcome to Dear Pesky Partners! Before we get into the timeline proper, I'd like to make a short introductory post addressing a few things about it. What is this timeline's focus? While video games are one of this timeline's main focuses, this timeline will also take a look at pop...
  16. Mr Red Stone

    A new way to play a Nintendo and pop culture story
    Threadmarks: Chapter one point of diversion V1

    Nintendo You probably Heard about them before, you know One of the oldest living companies still alive today one of the big "Three" creators of some of the most innovative consoles and owners of some of the biggest IPs of all time Yeah that Nintendo, But I'm very sure you have never heard of...
  17. MemphisC

    ATL: what if Nintendo stayed in the arcades?
    Threadmarks: Scenario: what if Nintendo stayed in the arcades

    Nintendo is and has been a household name in the gaming industry and in entertainment industry as an whole but they started out as an card maker in 1889 and were a toy maker for the vast majority of its life and in the late 1970's they dipped their toes as arcade developers but abandoned...

    Man's Best Friend: An Alternate 1990s and Beyond
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Introduction Hello everyone! This is my first alternate timeline here on this site! Alternate history has always fascinated me. The idea of another world - or another chain of events in history has fascinated me ever since I started learning about history. I first got into alternate history...
  19. The Gamer Sunflower

    AHC: if Nintendo went multiplatform instead of SEGA but Sega stays in Console Market?

    This question hypothetically asks if Nintendo went Multiplatform instead of SEGA. Assuming Sega stays in the console market and Nintendo becomes Multiplatform Developer, What would Nintendo make first Video game for which Consoles? Sega or Sony? How would Nintendo fans react to an...
  20. CrashBandicam

    WI: No PlayStation?

    So, what if Sony never entered the console market with the PlayStation, or just didn't bother with the idea of a game console at all, thus leaving Nintendo to compete with only Sega in the console wars? How would that happen? How would a Nintendo vs. Sega console war play out without Sony? Would...