1. Is it possible for Linux (or something like it) to become a serious competitor to Windows?

    As of last month Windows had an 86% market share of computer OS's (OSes, OSs??), with OSX in a distant second, and as far as I can tell, that's been the case for a very long time. How possible is it for Linux to rival Windows in the PC market by today? I'd imagine something would have to happen...
  2. kasumigenx

    Microsoft establishes a PC Line in the early 00s

    I was thinking if Microsoft establishes a Tablet line growing up to a PC line in the 00s with Windows XP as the forefront, Microsoft would be forced to accept OS competition like BEOS, but this needs for MS not to hire Ballmer as head and someone else instead.
  3. kasumigenx

    WI: Microsoft Invents something similar to html

    From what I was reading Encarta has similarities with the current HTML standards, what if Microsoft was able to implement it (this is what they planned on Cairo but failed to deliver) and put it on the internet as they have planned it, would this Microsoft 'HTML' rival merge with HTML like what...
  4. WI: Microsoft bought SEGA?

    This was a weird idea I got, but what if rather then merge with Sammy, what if Microsoft bought SEGA and thus Sonic and the other SEGA characters became xBox exclusives? Maybe around 2004 this would happen. I’d have no idea what could prompt this, but maybe Sony buying RARE after Microsoft...
  5. Yahoo accepts Microsoft 45 billion dollars offer in February 2008

    What would Internet look like today? Where would giants like Youtube, Google, Facebook, etc. stand today? Would general user experience on the Internet be better or worse? What about privacy protection issues?
  6. Massively Multiplayer: Gaming In The New Millennium
    Threadmarks: A New Era Begins

    Welcome to Massively Multiplayer! This is a joint video game/popculture alternate history timeline written by Nivek and myself, with contributions from many different members! What is Massively Multiplayer? Massively Multiplayer is the sequel to the timeline Player Two Start, with the basic...
  7. President Sunflower

    WI:Microsoft entered the Video game business earlier in the 90s?

    Er, hey there. I was wondering what would happened if SEGA exited the console market business after Sony entered in the console market but instead Microsoft joined in the video game business earlier in the 90s along with Nintendo and Sony. I wonder what microsoft would made an console earlier...