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Maybe just Washington: the other two could be parts of a more successful Mexico/New Spain. Although I do enjoy the concept of British Texans.
(How does that work, though?
I was thinking to a British administrated Louisiane. Combine this with a failed German colony in Texas who got handled to the British too, and you have the potential for a Canada of the South. Imagine excessivly polite and temperate Texan...
I haven't posted anything related to my ASB Wisconsin Civil War story since late 2020 during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. I figure I give you an update of what has been happening with Wisconsin since they declared a ceasefire in 2020 because of Covid-19 and what has since transpired.
The Status of the Wisconsin Civil War

While there have been several incidents of flareups and ceasefire violations occurring between March 2020 and to the present day, the war in Wisconsin, the deadliest conflict in its nation's history with over 300,000 dead has thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, been reduced to a low-intensity conflict as the nation had attempted to grapple with the deadly pandemic which according to Wisconsin's Health Ministry has killed over 9,000 and infected over 260,000 people since the pandemic started. These numbers especially the number of infected is likely to be much higher. This coupled with the lack of data on the number of cases and deaths in the territories that are controlled by the Wisconsin opposition as well as land controlled by the far-right Wisconsin People's Front, has made any information coming out of Wisconsin an information blackhole.

Now with nearly 70 percent of the population vaccinated and with no doubt many cases never being picked up by the already strained health system in Wisconsin because of the 7 year long civil war, life is returning back to normal in Wisconsin. But this normal comes with the possibility of renewed hostilities turning what was essentially a full-scale civil war down to a low-level conflict that in 2020 saw fewer than 1,000 deaths compared to last year where thousands of deaths were reported every month as the result of heavy fighting.

A return to normalcy in Wisconsin could mean that the population already weary from the two yearlong pandemic which has already strained Wisconsin's health system and infrastructure damaged from years of war back to the brink of the old normal that existed before Covid reared its ugly head.

For months especially since the beginning of November, there were reports that the Wisconsin government was preparing for the possibility of renewing large-scale offensives again citing the multiple ceasefire violations from the Wisconsin opposition from groups such as the Wisconsin National Army which is backed by Minnesota, the United States and Canada, and from other groups like the New Wisconsin Army, the National Front for Liberation.

This was coupled with late December's terrorist attacks that killed nearly 100 people mostly civilians in Milwaukee when armed gunmen belonging to the far-right Wisconsin People's Front, an umbrella organization that consists of neo-Nazis, white nationalists and white separatists, set off a series of car bombs, one of the deadliest attacks since the beginning of the pandemic.

Since the late December attacks, the Wisconsin Air Force has renewed airstrikes which had never gone away completely even during the March 2020 Ceasefire Agreement. Since early 2022 the Air Force along with Ushenian aircraft have carried out round the clock airstrikes against the Wisconsin People's Front and the Wisconsin opposition.

In the past, the Wisconsin government had downplayed any notion of a renewed offensive especially in light of the multiple Covid waves that had affected the country and with further resources being devoted to the treatment and prevention of Covid-19 rather than the war itself.

However, in the last few weeks, the Ministry of Defense has reported that because the opposition has failed to respect the ceasefire agreement and because multiple violations of the ceasefire has been reported especially among the far-right Wisconsin People's Front, talks to renew it have begun to falter with the regime now declaring that indeed after several months of delays owing to the Covid-19 crisis and other factors, they are preparing to renew hostilities and resume full-scale fighting despite urgency from the United Nations as well as the United States, Minnesota, Canada, and other countries that have offered their support for the Wisconsin opposition.

In addition to the ceasefire violations on both sides most notably from the far-right militants' side, the Wisconsin opposition in early February 2022 announced that for the first time since the defeat of the National Salvation Front in 2019 that it would be merging with other opposition groups once again to consolidate itself again and to bolster up its own fighters under a unified opposition to take on both the Wisconsin regime and its allies as well as the far-right Wisconsin People's Front and its far-right neo-Nazi allies.

While the Wisconsin opposition is not allied with the far-right Wisconsin People's Front or any it's neo-Nazi groups, they have been accused of following a de facto policy of tolerance for the militant group because of their own shared opposition to the government and the fact that both the Wisconsin opposition and the Wisconsin People's Front have been accused of engaging in sectarian violence against Wisconsin Indians and other persons of color along with engaging in sectarian violence against Catholics which the regime in the past has been accused of favoring Catholics over the Protestant majority in Wisconsin.

This is coupled with the fact that the Wisconsin People's Front comprises of former members of the National Salvation Front which overtime as the war grew more brutal and sectarian in nature became more far right and militant in nature which sparked off a series of infighting between various rebel groups proclaiming themselves to be part of the National Salvation Front. The infighting between the Wisconsin opposition and the Wisconsin People's Front has estimated to have killed around 3,200 in total between 2017 and 2021 with unknown numbers of other militia groups killed fighting other Wisconsin opposition forces.

As new leadership emerges following the death of Logan Hansen the official commander and leader of the Minnesotan-back Wisconsin National Army and overall de facto leader of the Wisconsin opposition, who was killed in a Wisconsin government airstrike in late November 2021, Henry Talmiski, his second in command and deputy commander of the Wisconsin National Army announced in late December that the Wisconsin opposition was to merge under a unified front called the Wisconsin Interim Government in order to fight both the government and its allies and the Wisconsin People's Front which had increased its attacks on not just the government but also against the Wisconsin opposition. As the result the New Wisconsin Army and the National Front for Liberation was abolished and absorbed into the Wisconsin National Army. This increased the WNA fighting force from 65,000 fighters to on paper to over 160,000 fighters with the inclusion of the 100,000 fighters from the NWA. This alone brings the Wisconsin Interim Government back to levels of fighters and organization not seen since the National Salvation Front.

It was in mid-January this year that Henry Talmiski announced that they will no longer observe or respect the multiple ceasefires that had been ongoing since the start of the pandemic and said that the Wisconsin Interim Government is going to announce the abolition of the demarcation line that was set up during the Covid ceasefires.

When weeks had gone by and none of these threats ever transpired immediately, it was assumed that this Wisconsin Interim Government was simply bluffing and wouldn't go along with their threats to renew offensive operations against both the far-right groups and the Wisconsin regime.

However as mentioned previously above with reports from the Defense Ministry stating that multiple ceasefire violations have been reported, the Wisconsin Interim Government is poised to renew operations and turn what was essentially a smoldering fire into a roaring one again as seen prior to the pandemic.

Already this war has devastated Wisconsin economically, politically and socially since fighting started in 2015. As of early 2022 the war has killed around 330,000 people including over 100,000 civilians with both sides committing war crimes and other atrocities. This does not include the estimated 65,000 detainees that were killed in regime custody in multiple jails between the year 2015 and 2019 and the estimated 50,000 captured rebels executed by government troops and militia or by the secret police between 2015 and 2019. Since then however the vast majority of political prisoners and detainees have been released after years of torture and neglect and have been given general amnesty by President Marco Nikan. As of late 2021 there are still reports of thousands of political prisoners still held by the regime, but its abuses and excesses are not as frequent as they were during the height of the war.

In addition of the government's atrocities, the opposition has reported to have killed or disappeared thousands of civilians and captured government troops and militia since 2015 with an estimated 30,000 civilians held in de facto concentration camps until they were released in 2020 as part of the ceasefire agreement.

The number of victims killed by the far-right Wisconsin People's Front is unknown but is estimated to be the thousands killed and many more disappeared or executed in their own detainment centers. It is well documented that the Wisconsin People's Front and the Wisconsin Blood Resistance has been ethnically cleansing its territories of those considered non-white such as native Wisconsin Indians, African Wisconsinites who descendants date back from abolition times, and others considered "non-Wisconsin" such as Catholics, Poles, Orthodox Christians and Jews. The number of victims under the rule of the WPF is an estimated to be 25,000 killed or disappeared since they rose to prominence in 2016.

Neither side in this war has been clean, human rights groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have reported that all factions in this bloody civil war have committed war crimes and human rights abuses which has not help alleviate the suffering of the Wisconsin people already facing two years of pandemic isolation and lockdowns now facing renewed hostilities.

As of this writing, it has been reported that the first renewed offensive has begun on February 27 with the Wisconsin National Army, the unified army of the Wisconsin Interim Government taking back territory that was held by the Wisconsin government. As of March 1, nearly 150 in total have been killed in renewed fighting as further reports are suggesting that finally for the first time since 2020, a major offensive planned by the Wisconsin government to retake Green Bay a city under siege since late 2016 and under threat by the far-right Wisconsin People's Front could be underway as soon as more troops are reinforced now that the nearly two yearlong ceasefire has collapsed. This of course is all happening amidst the invasion of Ukraine in Europe just a few days prior to renewed hostilities in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's return to normalcy is now a return of war.


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Oh hell. I spent the last three days snatching what little free time I have outside of Dad duties to make a map, and the damn thing crashed when I was trying to change the font for the key. More fool's me; I never saved it once. :'( :'( :'(
Anyone like my current ideas for a new project I plan on doing?
There was a secret suggestion sent by king Christian IX in 1864 to Bismarck asking for Denmark to be allowed to join the German Confederation (often wrongly implied to have been a request to join Germany, as in the soon-to-be-founded German Empire, but the German Confederation was of course something quite different) in order to keep the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein in the realm. It was absolutely never going to happen, as it would've been opposed by the Danish population (who were already voting at this point, and generally quite nationalist, at least in the more intellectual quarters), was detrimental both to the broader balance of power in Europe, and specifically to Bismarck's kleindeustchland plans, but do with that information what you will.

Sources (in Danish):
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Holy Terra, corrupted by Khrone.

Mass death scenario.


I am imagining a more terrifying and worldwide scenario of the Ten Plagues.

Red tides are a hell of a thing

"When it bleeds, what a Red Sea!"
-Cyrano de Bergerac-

"I send a pestilence and plague
Into your house, into your bed
Into your streams, into your streets
Into your drink, into your bread"

Imagine the stench...

Oh god, it would stink so bad.....

Can you imagine the wars when it all scabs over and Land forces can be used.

Also, who's up for learning to breathe flies?????
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