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  1. World Maps for Alternate History Timelines and Works on this Forum

    Inspired by the World Maps for Official/Published Alternate History Works thread, I feel an extreme urge and instinct to first and foremost look at a world map of a timeline or story so that I can even begin to like it, for me, the world maps write their stories, and not the other way around...
  2. shearsforest

    The City-BAM Thread
    Threadmarks: CITY-BAM v.1 Key

    There's an idea that's been floating in my head since at least minutes before writing that it would be nice to have a BAM-style map dedicated to major cities like New York, or London, or Paris. There's already political maps of different districts, so why not road maps and maps akin to sources...
  3. shearsforest

    Historica: The Dedicated Photos/Maps/Graphics Thread
    Threadmarks: LATIN ALPHABET

    With my Historica project now over 1000 posts in length, I decided it would be an appropriate time to create a thread for stuff related to it. This thread is dedicated to showcasing maps (not the ones from the game, more like actual in-universe maps), photos, and graphics from the Historica map...
  4. fluttersky

    Map Thread XXI
    Threadmarks: Opening post

    Welcome to the twenty-first map thread! The place for all your mapping needs. Maps with a lot of likes will be threadmarked for ease of access. (Edit: Threshold for getting a threadmark is 30 likes for now; I may increase this at some point if there just end up being too...
  5. Library of Alexandria

    LibraryofAlexandria's Map thread
    Threadmarks: Intro

    Right- I have a scrapped map thread, but as I've been completing more and more projects recently I've been finding myself wanting to make an archival thread for everything. So, on with the maps, I guess!
  6. Oliveia

    The Unfinished Map Thread

    I figured it might be good to create a little corollary thread in response to the Map Thread and the WIP Map Thread. Here is where all the half-finished maps of yours can go! Be free! Open your closets and let the old corpses of maps that could have been be free!!
  7. Višeslav

    Višeslav's map thread
    Threadmarks: My First (somewhat) Good Map

    Since I've seen a lot of map threads, I figured I'd make my own. Imma post some of my better maps for now (because if I posted all of my bad ones, you'd be here all day). The maps range from ok to things I'm very proud of. [this thread is a work in progress, I don't have time to upload all my...
  8. FesteringSpore

    Map Thread XVIII

    The old thread will soon be dead...long live the Map Thread! Link to the previous thread: Map Thread XVII
  9. Upvoteanthology

    Map Thread XVII

    Alright! Let's start again. :) Link to the last thread.
  10. Map Thread XIV

    I noticed the map thread is pretty much full, so I'll do you guys a favor and put this up. Link to the previous thread: Map Thread XIII