1. Eastern Oriented Russia

    what if Russia fashioned itself towards the Qing & Joseon, perhaps if they won against the Qing during their border skirmishes, and successfully Russified the entirety of the Amur Basin / Manchuria
  2. Otaku Von Bismarck

    WI: Qing-Russia war in 1858

    Back in 1858 the Qings were fighting Hong's Taiping Heavenly Kingdom since 1850 and also where on the course of losing the Second Opium War, Seeing this context Russia threatened to invade if the Qings were not to cede the northern half of Outer Manchuria. Qing China agreed and ceded the...
  3. brekkur

    What's the maximum population that outer Manchuria can support?

    This region that's shaded in yellow and red, is sparsely populated, and currently only has a population of ~4M people. What's the maximum population that it could realistically sustain?
  4. PolishMagnet

    Graphics Timeline - A Greater East Asia
    Threadmarks: Empire of Japan

    Hello, this thread is for a timeline I thought up which will primarily be explained through fake wikipedia-style pages and various graphics. It focuses on the idea of a large Japanese Empire which is democratic and less antagonistic or aggressive. There are some other divergences in the rest of...
  5. AltoRegnant

    KMT Victory; Could The Soviets Prop Up Manchuria Similar To US and Taiwan?

    OTL, with the defeat of the KMT and the flight to taiwan, the US Navy and USAF was a big part in keeping the country alive, even after we stopped actively recognizing it. So, i was wondering if in a KMT victory, the Soviets could use the Red Army and the air force to keep the communist forces in...
  6. SealTheRealDeal

    What happens to Xinjiang, Mongolia, and Manchuria in event of the Qing failing to conquer China

    Let's say the Qing/Later Jin are defeated by one of the Chinese factions during the fall of the Ming Dynasty (Shun, Xi, Southern Ming), and we'll say it's a very costly defeat with multiple banner armies wiped out entirely. What is the likely outcome for the areas imediately north of China? Are...
  7. Russian presence in North Manchuria, effects on Japanese policies post-1930?

    Some context: Competent A-H fends off Brusilov offensive, no German USW, February Revolution still on time, no Kerensky Offensive, no October Revolution, armistice in late 1917/early 1918, negotiated peace in 1918. Russia only loses Poland (sans Suwalki). German Asia-Pacific possessions have the...
  8. AHC: A significantly smaller Qing empire

    Nothing says the territory controlled by the Qing dynasty necessarily had to get extensive as it did, at least AFAIK. Your challenge is to have the Qing empire consist solely of Manchuria, China proper, and Inner Mongolia.
  9. WI: The chinese grandson of Mussolini

    During his husband period as Italian consul in Shanghai Edda Mussolini, daughter of Benito Mussolini, have had an affair with the Chinese General and Warlord of Manchuria Zhang Xueliang. She ended up returning to Italy in 1935 with his husband and lived there until her death in 1995. What if she...
  10. Consequences of Russian Manchuria after 1900s?

    Like the title says, what're the consequences plausibly imagined of Russian Manchuria or at least North-Eastern China held by Russia? Will it result in strong Russian presence in North-East China, part of modern Russia or creating a unique characteristics of the region influenced by Russia...
  11. Russophone East Asian nation in Manchuria region ?

    I have this strange Alternate History TL idea that is been on my mind for some time. The premise is a Russophone East Asian nation and a former Soviet republic situated between China, Russia and North Korea. It comprised of Northeast China and Eastern Inner Mongolia with the population of over...
  12. Effects on Korea of a Russian Victory in the Russo-Japanese War

    If the Russians win the Russo-Japanese War, what would happen to Korea? Would they try to outright annex Korea like how they expanded in Central Asia or would they just kind of leave them be? Would Korea be able to industrialize under the Russians or would they remain an agrarian, obscure country?
  13. Russian Manchuria: geopolitical consequences

    Let's say that Russia, around the 1850's-70's, grabs the whole Manchuria from the Qing, also guaranteeing Port-Arthur. Considering that the area was very lightly populated back then and is able to sustain a big population with its natural resources - today Chinese Manchuria has more than 100...
  14. Assouf

    The Manchurian Candidate: Asia and the Wider World

    After months upon months of planning, plotting, working and hiatuses of various length, I'm very pleased to be kicking off my first fully fleshed out timeline, The Manchurian Candidate: Asia and the Wider World. This thread will serve as the centerpoint of my timeline and the continuining...
  15. Manchuria under Industrialized Imperial China in 19th century

    I've mentioned something similar about consequences of industrialised China here back then. This is a scenario where Imperial China, whether under Qing or other dynasties ruled under Han Chinese, succeeds in industrialisation. What would Manchuria looked like in an industrialised Imperial China?
  16. GauchoBadger

    WI: No (or less) Han Chinese immigration into Manchuria?

    IOTL, in the 19th century, droves of Han Chinese started pouring into Manchuria, violating the Qind Dynasty's edicts in regards to settlement and thus forcing them to be revised. The region then saw a boom in population and industry, and is now a quite developed and majority-Han part of China...
  17. WI Russia conquers the Manchu and all land north of the Wall?

    What if during Russia's siberian expansion they conquer the Manchu and the land north of the wall before the Manchu conquer China? I guess the Ming would be dealing with their own chaos and decline so the Manchus are on their own but it also means the Ming would get replaced by a non Manchu...
  18. Best case scenario for 19th century Qing Dynasty

    Like the title says, what would be the best case scenario for the Qing Dynasty in the 19th century? China under the times of Early Qing were at the most powerful at their zenith under Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong. After Qianlong, Qing China is no longer the great empire it once used to be and...
  19. AHC/WI: Ming conquest of Manchuria

    What happens if the Ming decided to conquer the region of Manchuria, rather than vassalize the tribes there? How will this impact on China and perhaps Asia?
  20. Višeslav

    WIP - The Tiger and the Magpie - A Korean Manchuria TL

    This is my first TL. Basically, the idea is that Korea controls large parts of southern Manchuria and "outer Manchuria" (Primorsky Krai & Sakhalin). The Korean kingdoms of Goguryeo and Balhae and some proto-Korean kingdoms controlled the region for about 2000 years before the Khitan conquest in...