1. QTXAdsy

    What If...Scotland qualified for 2002 FIFA World Cup?

    Somewhat a sequel idea to this one I did sometime ago regarding had Scotland won that Euro Play-off match with England. Nice to have have a football question prior before the Euros coming up! :p After that tie until now, Scotland have never made back to a major tournament and the first WC to...
  2. AHC: Most Culturally Americanised post-surrender Japan

    With a PoD no earlier than 16 August 1945, make Japan as culturally Americanised as possible; everything else is fair game, though I would never say that I specifically asked for bloodthirsty scenarios.
  3. AHC: Japan GDP surpass America GDP

    Well the premise of this thread is simple. What none ASB change need to happen in history for Japanese GDP to surpass American GDP? Divergent point I allow is anything post WW2. I will even accept case where Japanese GDP temporarily surpass America even if it does not stay that way. Any...
  4. How does Japan respond to losing the Russo-Japanese war?

    IOTL, Russia losing the RJW almost caused a successful revolution. Also, despite Japan winning the RJW, it caused social unrest in the country and significant financial troubles. If Japan loses the RJW, how does Japanese society respond? Would there be a revolution like there was in Russia...
  5. GameBawesome

    Which Sengoku-Era Clan would you want to rule Japan?

    So, if the Sengoku Jidai had a different outcome, where the Tokugawa doesn’t become the ultimate rulers of Japan, becoming the Tokugawa Shogunate. Which Sengoku-Era clan you would’ve want to become the dominant clan of Japan? (Excluding the Tokugawa)
  6. Count of Crisco

    General Alyskan Navy Thread
    Threadmarks: Introduction to thread

    Recently on the alternate warships of nations thread I have been posting some ships from a Timeline I have been working on (link to the TL in my signature if your interested) and people seemed to like it. And I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for some more ships so that the AWoN...
  7. MegaToon1234

    AHC: Make Puyo Puyo more well-known outside of Japan

    Ever since 1991, Puyo Puyo has been one of Sega and Compile's well-known gaming franchises and also one of gaming's well-known puzzle games in Japan, but outside of Japan, it wasn't so well-known at first, but it's starting to become a little well-known once Puyo Puyo Tetris got released outside...
  8. Binbows 10

    AHC: Make Sonic more popular in Japan

    We all know that the popular video game franchise Sonic originated from Japan. However, despite being born in Japan, Sonic games have poor sales over there, for example, Sonic 2 selling 160,000 units in Japan and Sonic Colours selling 10,000 units in Japan. Sonic also has a sizeable fanbase over...
  9. Anhui vs Zhili China

    I've been playing with different ways in which a Central Powers victory might affect China, and one thing that is clear is that, without Soviet backing, the Kuomintang and CCP will not become nearly as prominent as they did in OTL. In fact, the Northern Expedition might be averted, as there...
  10. KuboCaskett

    Effects of a North Korean Victory on Asian Politics?

    It's been long established that a victorious North Korea in the Korean War (at least with a POD where either the USA doesn't intervene heavily early on or messes up in the war) would go on to unite the peninsula and yet have a different kind of regime that's less like OTL's hellhole yet still...
  11. Korea if Russia wins Russo-Japanese War

    POD is Russo-Japanese War. To my understanding, a Russian victory here is plausible, so let's assume they do actually manage to beat the Japanese. What effects does this have on Korea? Would the Russians be likely to set up a protectorate over Korea or something else? How does this affect...
  12. British Biscuit

    DBWI: Divided Germany, United Japan

    What if the Big Three had agreed on a different post-WW2 plans for the defeated Axis Powers? Specifically, what if the fates of Germany and Japan were reversed? Germany is divided into a Western-aligned nation and a Soviet-aligned nation while Japan remains whole & undivided. What could bring...
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  14. AHC: American Made Kei Trucks and Kei Vans.

    I've noticed lately that Kei Trucks and Kei Vans are getting more popular in the United States but due to the import restrictions they must be 25 years old or older to enter the country from Japan or Korea. These are the ultra light mini or micro trucks and vans known for ruggedness and very...
  15. Russian Hokkaido

    Any POD is fine. How can Imperial Russia be made to have ownership over the entirety of Hokkaido, either through settlement or some form of conquest?
  16. Non-genocidal Japanese Empire

    POD any time after 1910 (Japanese annexation of Korea). How can Japan keep control over its colonies without the situation devolving into the egregious violations of human rights seen in OTL? Is there any way for Japan to both keep long-term control over its colonies AND provide for good living...
  17. Guominjun China?

    I've been reading up on Japan's foreign policy in Manchuria lately and one thing I realized was that the Guominjun (KMT's northern counterpart, led by the "Christian Warlord" Feng Yuxiang) nearly succeeded in uniting the northern half of China. Their main potential rival, Zhang Zuolin, was...
  18. AHC: Earliest possible war between the USA and Japan

    With a 1900 POD, whens the earliest Japan and USA could have gone to war over a non-ASB scenario?
  19. DBWI: The US was the first country to have nuclear weapons

    At the eve of the Second World War in 1945, the Soviet Union detonated its first ever nuclear weapons, the Malchik and the Tolstyak, on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively. This resulted in the unconditional surrender of Japan and marked the official ending of the war. But...
  20. DBWI: {Content warning} What if Zellu was less "rapey"?

    Most of us abhor the habit of children today to watch German cartoons and ape the habits of the characters and heros therein. The continuous fighting themes from a country forbidden from possessing a military, the continuous criminality from a country whose punishment, if not torture, of those...