1. iuewfho

    Making Election Maps (Wikipedia)

    How would I go about making alternate election maps in these styles?
  2. Entrerriano

    Entre's Little Map Thread
    Threadmarks: OP

    Welcome to my map thread! Here I will compile all the maps I've posted throughout the couple years I've been in the forums, as well as any new map I make, and possibly some future WIPs. Enjoy! Links of interest: My DeviantArt My Reddit Account My Discord Server (The server isn't very active...
  3. Hindustani Person

    A Single Shot: A Collaborative Graphic Timeline
    Threadmarks: Intro

    So I, perhaps against some of my better judgement, have decided to make yet another collaborative Graphics timeline. This timeline will be designed by the wonderful users of this very site, to pass time. The point of divergence is simple - Ferdinand Cohen-Blind assassinates Otto von Bismarck in...
  4. Starforce

    Flag Thread V

    The previous flag thread, listed here is dangerously closed to hitting the 500 page limit. I have created this one to function as the next flag thread when that time comes. The previous flag thread is linked here: Long live...
  5. Planita13

    A More Imperfect Union: A History of these United States
    Threadmarks: Opening Post

    Greetings! This timeline is the spiritual successor to A Shining Valley, which you may have seen posted on the forum before. As it was my first timeline, it was messy and crude as it experience significant revision over the months, which honestly ruined the narrative in many ways. For the past...
  6. Generalissimo Maximus

    Summer of Nations (2.0)
    Threadmarks: Main Page

    Summer of Nations Great men of history: The validity of historical narratives in modern socioeconomic research (Lumos Syndicate, 2018) When discussing the history of Europe and the world at large, you find that at certain points it all comes to revolve around a single man and his decisions...
  7. lou H

    The Arcadian Union World Factbook - the world's foremost internet repository of knowledge

    This thread is a collection of entries in the Arcadian Union World Factbook, an in-universe resource for my TL based off the Divergences of Darkness mod for Victoria 2 that I've been working on privately for about a year. All history up to the start of the mod (1836) is canon here, including all...
  8. Planita13

    A Shining Valley - The Great Desert Lake in California
    Threadmarks: Main Page

    by Planita The Republic of California in 2019 This thread would be depository for the various maps, wikipages, wikiboxes, and graphics for my Gran Lago timeline. Yes this will work like @Kanan's excellent TL on this forum too. For a bit of backstory. So there is a region called the Salton...
  9. ST15RM

    Graphic Request Thread

    For the longest time I wanted a place for me and other forum users to request graphics. So, I decided to create this thread. First, some ground rules: Be patient. Don’t repost a request, these things take time. Don’t request maps, flags and wikiboxes. There are separate threads for that. Only...
  10. Worldbuilding- Country by Country

    So I had an idea to make a thread where people can download the latest update of this map (I know you all hate my hoi4 map but there are ways to get around it). Anyways, the idea of this is that everyone on the forum is allowed to make one country (don't take up a lot of space please) on this...
  11. Thousand-Week Reich - A 'realistic' Nazi victory scenario
    Threadmarks: Original Media

    Ok, so I've already posted some stuff about this. Thousand-Week Reich, abbreviated to TWR, was a series of maps and other media originally posted on the subreddit r/imaginarymaps with accompanying lore as my attempt to create a timeline in which Nazi Germany wins WW2, but keeping it as realistic...
  12. America and the Laborers Party

    Rudolf Hakonson was born in Northern Minnesota to Icelandic miner parents. After the Mesabi Mining Disasters he lead the charge to found the Mesabi Miners Party, which changed its name to the Minnesota Laborers Party in 1904. The Party would merge/take over the existing Socialist Party, lead by...
  13. Valdore Javorsky

    Valdore's Map and other Graphics Castle

    After my original map cave thread Valdore's V-BAM store AkA huge Historical Province Maps was more or less used as a thread solely filled with ✝VBAM content, I decided to make a new thread which will be my general map posting place. I'll guess that it'll be mainly filled with Nightrise stuff...
  14. Alternative Passport Thread

    Just some fun I thought people could have to create or recreating passports for countries that don't exist or do exist. Here's my passport for an Independent Wales inside the European Union. Hope some of you guys like this idea and take part!
  15. Petike

    Flag Challenge 137 - Voting Thread

    The challenge for round 137 was... Voting has been augmented to start on the 18th, and now closes on the 25th, i.e. Christmas Day. ---- The entries: Feel free to vote and let the best design win.
  16. Petike

    "Alternate Company of the Month" Contest - Round 5: Shape Up and Ship Out

    This month, the topic of the contest's round is: Shape Up and Ship Out The Challenge: Create a shipping company from an alternate timeline. (You can give it a Christmassy vibe, given the coming festive season.) The Requirements: Company logo Company infobox A list of countries serviced by the...
  17. Petike

    "Alternate Company of the Month" Contest - Round 4: Travel Fever

    This month, the topic of the contest's round is: Travel Fever The Challenge: Create a publishing business/house from an alternate timeline that focuses on publishing travel guides, and other assorted tourism and travel non-fiction. The Requirements: Logo Company infobox A list of...
  18. Petike

    Flag Challenge 136 (erroneously 137) - Voting Thread

    Richard IV's challenge for round 136 was... ---- The entries: The latest voting thread for the latest round has arrived ! Feel free to vote and let the best design win.
  19. Petike

    Alternate Company of the Month 3 : "The Chains of Dining" - Voting Thread

    During October, the third round of the Alternate Company of the Month contest received a total of four entries. The topic of the round was to create a company from an alternate timeline that focuses on running a chain of restaurants, bistros or other commercial public dining facilities. The...
  20. Petike

    "Alternate Company of the Month" Contest - Round 3: The Chains of Dining

    Opening note VT45 left the site last year. The "alternate company of the month" contest he started just a few months before his departure went on hiatus during its third round. In March 2015, I sent him a private message via an art site we frequent, asking whether I could revive the contest...