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April 20th 2005: Nomar Garciaparia and Ichiro for the Mariners set at batting .600 for the season as baseball writers and reporters start to separate if this is the year for the first time in 1941 that a player will hit .400 or more in a season and that if it’s possible 2 players can do it

April 22nd 2005: Reds slugger Ken Griffey Jr who in 2004 hit 38 home runs and 118 RBIs in his full first full season since 2000 which also saw him hit his 500th home run becomes the fastest player in modern MLB history to hit 500 home runs and drive in 1,500 RBIs and the first to do it since Babe Ruth

April 25th 2005: The Marlins still show they are the team to beat after a 17-4 start to the season which becomes the best start to a MLB season for a team in 20+ years
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June 2nd 2005: Former USC defensive lineman Manuel Wright announces that he will join the Central Valley Coyotes of the Arena Football 2 League and will be promoted to their active roster as the team’s chase for the playoffs begins

June 4th 2005: Former Miami quarterback Kyle Wright announces he will use the emergency portal to transfer to Alabama

June 5th 2005: Another former Miami quarterback Kirby Freeman announced that he will transfer to play at UCLA

June 9th 2005: After failing to find a new home in the the spring former 49ers and Cardinals quarterback Jeff Garcia continues his career in the NFC West as he signs a 1 year deal with the Seattle Seahawks as they hope for him to be the guy that 1st round draft pick Jason Campbell develops under
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May 2nd 2005: Barry Bonds makes his 2005 season debut on the road in Arizona where he is greeted to a bunch of boos and chants labeling him as a cheater

Bonds flies out and a hits a RBI single in his first game back as the Giants win 3-1

May 4th 2005: The Red Sox are hit by a season ending injury by shortstop Omar Vizquel as top prospect for the team Hanley Ramirez is expected to get the call up to replace him for the season

May 6th 2005: Barry Bonds plays his first home game in San Francisco against the Expos in the season as he goes 2-4 as he hits a double along with a intentional walk and hits his first home run of the 2005 season as he hits his 711th home run just 4 more home runs till he ties Babe Ruth all time in a 4-2 win for the Giants
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May 7th 2005: The Rangers pitcher Roger Clemens throws his first career no hitter against the Cleveland Indians in a 3-0 win at home which is also the first no hitter of the 2005 MLB season

The 42 year old does it with his baseball idol Nolan Ryan in attention as he continues to defy father time as he starts out the 2005 season with a 4-1 record and a ERA below 1.00

May 8th 2005: Marlins closer Eric Gagne becomes the fastest relief pitcher ever to reach 200 saves after closing out a 3-2 victory against the Rockies

May 10th 2005: Glen Taylor the owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves announced that he will form a group that would start a path towards bringing a MLB back to Minnesota
What should the new Minnesota baseball team name be? The Twins again, the Millers (the name of the Giants’ former minor-league affiliate in Minneapolis), or something else?