1. newsgeeking

    Los Arcos: A Collaborative Sports Timeline
    Threadmarks: Los Arcos Arena to open in 2003

    LOS ARCOS ARENA TO OPEN IN 2003 Today, Phoenix Coyotes owner Richard Burke announced that a $140 million state-of-the-art NHL arena will be built in Scottsdale and will open just in time for the 2003-04 NHL season. - The Arizona Republic; July 1st, 1999
  2. PSA: Philadelphia Saves Athletes

  3. NBA: The Difference a Trade Makes
    Threadmarks: 1983-84 Season: Magic vs Bird

    I’ve discovered two new interests in the last six months or so: Alternate History and NBA. So I thought why not combine the two with the help of NBA 2k24. This thread will be looking at how the Knicks not trading away their 1984 draft pick could have affected their approach to the 83-84 season...
  4. What if Jerry Sloan coached the Bulls instead of Phil Jackson?

    Exactly what it says on the title. Let's say the Bulls fire Doug Collins one year early in 1988, Sloan rejects the Jazz's offer, and the original Bull goes home. Are MJ and Pippen as successful OTL in the next ten or so years? Bonus: What do you think happens to Phil Jackson? I kinda wanna see...
  5. The Forgotten Decade: a Colabritve Alternate Sports History Timeline from the 70's to Today.

    Hello, After some thought I have decided to make a Alternate Sports Timeline of my Own. I'm going to tell you the Rules for this Thread and what you can come to expect. 1. No Politics of Any Kind (including non-American Politcs) 2. Believable Trades and Signings ex. You can't Make Kareem...
  6. SakuraFoxBlossom

    Saving Basketball in Raincouver: A Vancouver Grizzlies Timeline
    Threadmarks: Opening

    Saving Basketball in Raincouver: A Vancouver Grizzlies Timeline
  7. Looper

    An MLB Collaborative TL: Piece of Cake: The Cubs win Game 6 in '03
    Threadmarks: Go Cubs Go!

    It was a controversy. It was pandemonium. A foul ball down the left field by Luis Castillo was hit down the left field line. and almost caught by Moises Alou, was batted by a Cubs fan, a fan whose name was lost to history, and the play was ruled a foul ball. The Cubs seem to be floundering...
  8. Looper

    "What More can we Do?": A Seattle Sports Story

    Taken from the Seattle Times on April 2, 1983, three days before the Mariners begin the season against the Yankees Seattle- Just three days. Three days before the Mariners begin what is expected to be another abysmal season for them. Seattleites have gotten used to this in the last five years...
  9. AHC/WI: US Supreme Court rules sports drafts illegal

    Ever since I have studied of professional sports in the United States, I have been curious about what scenario might lead the Supreme Court to rule the rookie drafts of the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL as illegal restraints of trade, and what the long-term effect on professional sport in the United...
  10. The Beast from the East – an Alternate NBA Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Prologue Clip played from draft night coverage of the 1986 NBA Draft on TNT Pat O’Brien “Well the Celtics are still on the clock now and with the consensus number one pick off the board in Brad Daugherty, who do you think the Celtics are probably going to take?” Larry Donald “Not sure Pat...
  11. durante

    Vince Carter makes that shot against the 6ers

    Canadian hip-hop legend Choclair wrote his famous (in Toronto, anyway) line "like Carter did to Philly..." Except of course he was referencing Joe Carter's double home run to win the World Series. So what if another Carter did it to another Philly? Vince Carter, Air Canada, Toronto legend...
  12. What if the Nets/Celtics trade from 2013 never happened?

    My first non-football timeline. This one asks what if the Nets/Celtics trade from 2013 never happened?
  13. Do You Believe In Magic - An Alternate NBA History
    Threadmarks: 1996-1997 NBA Season

    Sn real life, as everybody knows, Shaquille O’Neal left the Orlando Magic, in part because he always wanted to be in Los Angeles, and, in part because of a newspaper poll where a majority of people said he wasn’t “worth” the large contract he was asking for? Now, what if Shaq stayed in Orlando...
  14. Looper

    CP3 in ATL: A different NBA

    Hey folks! I decided that this would be a fun little project to do in some free time. I hope you enjoy, and lets get started "With the second pick in the 2005 NBA Draft, the Atlanta Hawks select... Chris Paul, Point Guard, Wake Forest." "The New York Knicks have traded for the third pick. With...
  15. Looper

    Greatness: A sports collaborative timeline

    Hi everybody! I finally decided to start this timeline. It is a sports collaborative starting in 1990. Feel free to post on college sports, nba, nhl, nfl, mlb, soccer, nascar, and the olympics. All I ask is you stay unpolitical. I'll kick this off, and then I and others will keep it up. Enjoy...
  16. An Alternate history of the NBA and ABA from 1969

    Kareem Abdul Jabbar was one of the greatest basketball players ever and had probably the most perfect basketball career of all time as he dominated in high school and college before joining the NBA in 1969 and having a 20 year career in the league winning 6 MVP’s and 6 Championships along with...
  17. SakuraFoxBlossom

    Ultra Jordan, Ante Ball
    Threadmarks: Prelude to the 2004-2005 NBA Season

    Ultra Jordan, Ante Lamelo Prelude to the 2004-2005 NBA Season In the fall of 2004, mere days before the beginning of the 2004-2005 season, the National Basketball Association had entered a crossroads. A unique crossroads of transition and change. It had been a whole year since the second...
  18. studdley_

    The National Basketball Association in the BSiC Universe

    Hello, long time reader, first time poster here. I recently came across @President_Lincoln 's incredible storyline titled "Blue Skies in Camelot." I just finished reading through what has been finished thus far, and in anticipation of whatever Mr. President is planning on adding to the...
  19. Rewritten Alternative Championship Games

    Hello, some of you fine folks of this website might recognize me as that sports TL guy who can’t finish about half of them. Due to real life activities, especially nowadays, lack of interest or just my creative ADHD making me begin the shiny new idea as soon as it pops in my head, but getting...
  20. SakuraFoxBlossom

    Kings Are Like Stars: An NBA Timeline

    "SHAQ WASN’T TALENTED, HE WAS JUST STRONG. I WAS TALENTED, AND I WAS STRONGER.” - DIVAC "I'm not trying to win individual awards. Kobe and Shaq were." - Webber "We made key stops and key baskets and stayed focused throughout the game. " - Stojaković "We got some stops and a lot of fast break...