1. What if: There Was A Massive Oil Crisis In The Middle East In 1985?

    November 16th, 1985. Tokyo, JP. Nintendo Headquarters: Shigeru: “Electricity is the phenomena associated with the presence of motion and matter that has a property of an electric change.” Yamauchi: “What are you talking about this time, Miyamoto?” Miyamoto: “Electricity in entertainment is...
  2. What if The Airline Conference (the college fb conference) was created?

    In 1960, the Pacific Coast Conference, the forerunner to today’s PAC 12 was dissolved due to pay for play scandals and numerous other issues, meaning the major college sports teams in California, Oregon and Washington didn’t have a conference. One idea was to create what would be called the...
  3. ArupinumMaivista

    Grand Prix: An alternate history of Formula 1
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Grand Prix "Introduction" The year is 1954, and Grand Prix Racing is entering its 8th official season since the end of the Second World War. The Golden Age of Grand Prix Racing had died long ago in 1939 when the War began, and the names of Tazio Nuvolari, Rudolf Caracciola, Bernd Rosemeyer...
  4. Looper

    Swapping Stevie Y: An NHL Timeline
    Threadmarks: It Begins

    New York Times, May 29, 1983 Red Wings, Islanders to swap picks, cash Big News came out of the National Hockey League today, as the Detroit Red Wings and New York Islanders announced they would be trading picks. The parameters of the deal are simple: the Red Wings will send their first round...
  5. SealTheRealDeal

    Canadian Baseball survives

    So recently I learned that there had been a Canadian version of baseball Would it be possible to preserve this early form of baseball? The likely assumption is "no America is huge and right there", but Canadian Football has survived to...
  6. Looper

    An MLB Collaborative TL: Piece of Cake: The Cubs win Game 6 in '03
    Threadmarks: Go Cubs Go!

    It was a controversy. It was pandemonium. A foul ball down the left field by Luis Castillo was hit down the left field line. and almost caught by Moises Alou, was batted by a Cubs fan, a fan whose name was lost to history, and the play was ruled a foul ball. The Cubs seem to be floundering...
  7. Looper

    The Beautiful Game: A Collaborative Premier League Timeline

    Hello fellow Football (Soccer) fans of AH.Com. I bring to you a collaborative timeline of the Premier League, more specifically, the English professional game, starting with the formation of the Premier League in 1992. We will form what the world of the top four leagues of England will look...
  8. phil03

    AHC/WI: Wank Your Association Football Men's National Team (and Broader Football/Soccer Scene)

    Obviously inspired by current events and put in post-1900 since most of the scenarios would probably have a PODs in the 20th century, this is a what is says in the title: come up with PODs that would make your country better at men's Football/Soccer. Without further ado, allow me to start the...
  9. sokkawaterrebel5

    RamsVsDolphins Super Bowl 34 2000

    What if in Super Bowl 34 it’s Rams vs Dolphins Kurt Warner Vs dan marino
  10. A Third Major League and An Alternate History of Sports
    Threadmarks: OPENING POST

    To facilitate this re-telling of history, I’ll be using a variety of programs, for a variety of individual sports. The ability to realistically re-sim these sports is why I’ve chosen the ones I have, along with my own personal biases and interests. The sports I’m beginning with are baseball...
  11. Odyssey

    Time for the Champagne 2.0: An F1 Timeline
    Threadmarks: I. The Hare or the Tortoise?

    I. The Hare or the Tortoise? ALT TEXT - Mark Donohue and his Penske PC1 at the 1975 French Grand Prix, shortly before its transmission failure. July 6th, 1975 Le Castellet, France Roger Penske was not a happy man. As he stood inside his team's garage at the Circuit Paul Ricard, he pondered...
  12. Looper

    "What More can we Do?": A Seattle Sports Story

    Taken from the Seattle Times on April 2, 1983, three days before the Mariners begin the season against the Yankees Seattle- Just three days. Three days before the Mariners begin what is expected to be another abysmal season for them. Seattleites have gotten used to this in the last five years...
  13. sokkawaterrebel5

    Detroit Lions football Dynasty 1991-2000

    what if the Detroit lions through good drafting and having the right individuals go to super bowl 25 in 1991 defeating the bills which will start a football dynasty of the 1990 and it all started when they traded andre ware for warren moon from oilers and they drafted bo jackson in 1987 and...
  14. The Beast from the East – an Alternate NBA Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Prologue Clip played from draft night coverage of the 1986 NBA Draft on TNT Pat O’Brien “Well the Celtics are still on the clock now and with the consensus number one pick off the board in Brad Daugherty, who do you think the Celtics are probably going to take?” Larry Donald “Not sure Pat...
  15. What if Bo Schembecler takes the Texas A&M job

    I’m trying to ask this on r/CFB but it’s an interesting What If, What if Bo goes to Texas A&M? Who replaces him at Michigan? How does A&M do under Bo who would only be around for 8 years? How does Michigan do under Bo’s successor?
  16. AHC - Normalise steroid usage in regular society

    Steroids and other PEDs are looked down on by society and outlawed in fitness and sports (even if people get caught doping all the time). The cause of this ranges from the idea of unfair play, cheating, the negative side effects. What would cause this negative perception not only not form but...
  17. Spygate 2002 - A Collaborative Alternate NFL/Sports Timeline

    Before I do start this timeline, I would like to preface that I am a bit new here, but I do come from a small writing background online, primarily in the NationStates (NS) forums. And hey, an sports alternative history timeline is a neat idea, especially since this concept (At least to my...
  18. JoeCoolIII

    A Stroke of Luck for Cincinnati, an NFL Alternate History
    Threadmarks: Super Bowl XXIII

    January 22, 1989, Super Bowl XXIII "Rice has just set a Super Bowl record with 12 catches. He’s in motion. Montana. INTERCEPTION, Barney Bussey! And Cincinnati is down at the 8-yard line. Taylor’s missed the big game-winning throw, and a big one it was because now it will take another touchdown...
  19. durante

    Vince Carter makes that shot against the 6ers

    Canadian hip-hop legend Choclair wrote his famous (in Toronto, anyway) line "like Carter did to Philly..." Except of course he was referencing Joe Carter's double home run to win the World Series. So what if another Carter did it to another Philly? Vince Carter, Air Canada, Toronto legend...
  20. WI: Tommy Dreamer goes out with his plans to kill Paul Heyman, then himself, live at WrestleMania.

    Tommy Dreamer, no joke, admitted he planned to do this. This wasn't a joke by him, he genuinely could've done it. The reason I kept this out of the fandom thread was that, well, not only is this a WI but it also would've definitely affected how the country would see sports entertainment.