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  1. A Sports Collab TL: Chaos Ignited By A Brotherhood: Partizan beats Real Madrid in the '66 European Cup Final
    Threadmarks: The Flame of the Brotherhood

    The day was the 11th of May, 1966. The clubs Partizan Belgrade and Real Madrid were about to compete in the final of the European Cup, arguably the biggest competition between professional teams in the world. The teams were representing countries that were marred with controversy due to...
  2. Looper

    An MLB Collaborative TL: Piece of Cake: The Cubs win Game 6 in '03
    Threadmarks: Go Cubs Go!

    It was a controversy. It was pandemonium. A foul ball down the left field by Luis Castillo was hit down the left field line. and almost caught by Moises Alou, was batted by a Cubs fan, a fan whose name was lost to history, and the play was ruled a foul ball. The Cubs seem to be floundering...