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  1. What if Germany won WW1 after overwhelming the French Army in the 1918 spring offensive

    What would postwar Europe look like if Germany had one World War One? This thread will be divided into multiple parts, the first will focus on the immediate postwar effects of German victory, peace treaties, borders, in the years from 1918-1922, the second part, will focus on events from...
  2. What if Germany won World War One after overwhelming the French Army before reinforcements arrive from America

    What would postwar Europe look like if Germany had one World War One? This thread will be divided into multiple parts, the first will focus on the immediate postwar effects of German victory, peace treaties, borders, in the years from 1918-1922, the second part, will focus on events from...
  3. Fates of the Central Powers in an earlier Entente victory?

    Hello again, as the title says what would happen to Bulgaria, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottomans if the allies had won the Great War a year or two early? For this TL I'm going to actually be using the one where Rossevelt wins the 1912 election and uses the Invasion of Belgium...
  4. Ulyanovsk

    Could a Victorious Central Powers hold on to the Ukraine?

    Earlier today I was reading a short paper entitled The German Occupation of the Ukraine in 1918: A Documentary Account by Xenia Eudin about the development of an independent Ukraine in 1917, the interactions between the Central Rada and Germany, the German coup d’etat and installing the puppet...
  5. Softer WW1 Treaties

    What terms could have been the least hard for the Central Powers?
  6. Bomster

    AHC: Have a socialist revolution break out in Great Britain after WW1

    As the title says, have a revolution break out in Great Britain upon or after the conclusion of the First World War. Bonus points if you have France go Red too. And extra bonus points if Germany is the victor of WW1.
  7. Višeslav

    Germany wins ww1, loses the next war. What happens with Mittelafrika.

    Basically what the title says. A few key differences: WW1 was shorter than OTL, Russia is not communist, it's some kind of far right, Britain stayed out of WW1 because it was not allied with Russia. Now the Brits realized they messed up by letting Germany get big, and they join the Russians and...
  8. KingOnTheEdge

    DBWI: German-Austrian Alliance

    now in otl, Kaiser Wilhelm III worked very closely with the Russian and Italian monarchs, and when Austria declared war on Serbia, were quickly ganged upon by the three monarchs from their secret “Caesar Pakt,” with the one saving grace being France and Turkey distracting Italy and Russia...
  9. Neutral fashist Italian post-war apartheid east Africa.

    It's been said on here that a natural Italy could maintain full control over Libya and Eritrea while Ethiopia is wildly considered as not possible, however Somalia is generally considered possible to some degree with some saying full occupation is hard but possible while others say the Italian...
  10. Ferd42

    Land of Hope and Glory - a 20th century timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Hello, I have decided to have a go at writing a timeline. Hopefully it goes alright! (on the other hand do not except to much or too regular updates) So, the plan is for a timeline set in the 20th century. I am British and so there might be a bias as to who get covered. I might also end up...
  11. War of 1914, when is WW1?

    If war in Europe starts in 1914, but ends quickly with a peace deal after a short, sharp conflict due to the Entente mishandling her armies worse and getting defeated in the field, when would then WW1 actually happen? For the sake of argument the POD is that the BEF is surrounded and Mons and...
  12. Lafayette_

    AHC: Avoid revanchism post-WW1

    With a POD no earlier than November 1st, 1918, find a feasible way to prevent or minimize post-war revanchism in both the Entente and Central Power nations. Bonus points if self-determination is carried out peacefully through an entity analogue to the League of Nations by 1930.
  13. ChaoticBrilliance

    The Enemy of My Enemy | An Interwar TL

    Ch 1. - “His Superfluous Excellency” "[the Office of Vice President] is one anomalous insignificance and curious uncertainty." - Woodrow Wilson, c. 1885 in his book “Congressional Government”. The typical newspaper headlines the week following October 2nd, when President Wilson passed of a...
  14. AHC: An earlier end to the Gold Standard

    Is it plausible for a major world power to not go back to the gold standard after WW1, or to leave it during the 1920s? This could make the Great Depression less disastrous and change the way that international trade and the web of debts between the western powers worked in the interwar period...
  15. Afro Reich 2.0

    I kinda been haveing this idea for a few weeks now and I am thinking about doing a fleshed out timeline. The CSA wins independents by 1865, but are force to deal with slaves revolts. 1890’s slavery is ended in the csa starting an civil war due to the ending of slavery. The war ends in with the...
  16. Stalemate WW1 and Effects

    Okay, it has been established on this board that if the US of A did not join either side in WW1, then no-one would win. Firstly, let's have a look at how long it would last. Germany collapsed in early November 1918 with America, ittl they might make it to Easter 1919 but definitely not to June...
  17. General Kenobi

    What if the German Empire was exiled to one of their African colonies?

    I know this is unlikely since the German Colonial forces were small compared to the Triple-Entente, but what if the German Empire managed to escape to their colonies?
  18. Pen

    The Treaty of Hamburg- An Alliance with the Shade

    I've noticed a lot of people create threads based on their major TLs, so I've decided to post my maps for TOH here as well as some history of versions I have as backups. (I also just wanted something to put on my signature). I might even make flags and graphics, but don't get too exited. The...
  19. GameBawesome

    Hitler in a Central Victory Scenerio

    What happens to Adolf Hitler if the Central Powers won the Great War? Would he remain in the army? Would he try again in Painting? Would he go into Politics?
  20. GameBawesome

    United States of Greater Austria in WW2

    In an alternate scenario, where Charles I of Austria was allowed to stay in power, and he reforms the crumbling Austria-Hungary, into the United States of Greater Austria (Wilson is ignored even more ITTL). The New Federation has to pay a debt like Germany. (NOTE: Polish and Romanian territory...