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  1. If Poland had lost the Polish-Soviet War, would Britain and France free Germany, whether in part or in whole, from the Treaty of Versailles?

    I think it would be very likely, as Germany was incredibly vulnerable to foreign invasion, and if Poland fell, it would be logical to think that Soviets would soon come to the aid of the Communists in Germany, aiming to put a Bolshevik hegemony over Europe by force. The Entente might even make...
  2. Plexus

    The Cyrillic script and Brest-Litovsk's finer consequences

    Everybody knows about the Cyrillic script, the script used by the Orthodox Slavs in Eastern Europe, but few know that its position, although quite stable in the Balkans, was not as stable in... Russia? To illustrate the point I'll be making, I am going to get a generic central powers victory...
  3. Would Japan Have Returned German Asia/Pacific Colonies Given A CP WW1 Victory?

    Title basically says it. Japan took Tsingtao, other German concessions in China, and Germany's pacific island colonies in 1914. If the Spring Offensive had succeeded and led to some sort of peace settlement favoring the Central Powers, would Japan have given back those colonies? Could Britain...
  4. The End of History, (Or what if the first world war was the only world war alongside Victorian Hijinx)

    The Governorate of Russian north America was occupied by the United Kingdom during the great war. When the February revolt brought Russia out of the war the United Kingdom symbolically returned to Columbia and returned the governorate to the new republic. However, when the October revolution...
  5. The Tzars war: what if WW1 went differently?

    After The russian 3’rd tank division Managed to stop the germans at the Vistula river in June 1914, the russians managed to keep the germans halted in western Poland for 3 months. This was the status quo until the Italian entry into WW1, after a naval landing in Dalmacia, the Austrian military...
  6. maru.777

    WW1 Stalemate after Kaiserschlacht succeeds

    Germany takes Amiens and Hazeboruck in 1918, and eventually theyd take the channel ports and Rheims too. France’s governement falls and is replaced with pacifists who start negociations, the rest of the entente joins.US is still in and the peace is mediated by the pope. What would the terms of...
  7. ACB3C0_

    What if Germany instead of Russia is the first nation to go communist?

    In another post I talked about how I've been fascinated by the idea of an actual industrialized proletarian country being the first nation to establish communism for a bit now. Let's say that Fanny Kaplan succeeds in assassinating Lenin or the Russian Revolution simply never happens in the...
  8. Pyrrhus of Germany - An Alternate Timeline of WWI and Hence
    Threadmarks: The Prelude/Chapter 0

    Prelude: The year is 1913. The Balkan Powederkeg is being lit and tensions are rising. New weapons have been created and the nations are eager to use them. Colonial ambition in Africa is building up, everyone wants their slice of the continent, and relations are uneasy. Britain is threatened...
  9. Cymry-Korean

    Entente Victory in 1916: Aftermath?

    Hello all I've had some ideas mulling about in my head around an early victory for the Entente that leaves the Central Powers relatively intact. In a previous thread, it was mentioned that the two likely ways for an earlier Entente victory would be if the French avoided the needless waste of...
  10. Alternate Washington Naval Treaty with a WW1 German victory(?)

    Anyways, with a POD in spring of 1915, this is the alternate world in 1923, as a semi- to almost-realistic take on the popular Hearts of Iron 4 mod, Kaiserreich. The objective is to determine the outcome of this alternate Washington Naval Treaty.
  11. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: WW1 with pro Central Powers Serbia/Greece and Pro Entente Bulgaria/Ottoman Empire

    AHC: Devise a scenario for how WW1 begins and unfolds with a pro-German/Austro-Hungarian Serbia and Greece alongside a pro-Entente Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire. What are the preconditions for such a system of alliances to emerge? How would the war play out assuming in the event of an Entente or...
  12. wasp_


    You may delete this because I didn't realized this was after 1900s
  13. HerbertVonKarajan

    The Great Breakup - An alternate Post-WW1 Timeline
    Threadmarks: Author's Introduction

    Hello everyone! I really do not wish to make this whole sort of introduction statement too long as I intend for this to be started off quite quickly. Essentially, the premise for this is that the end of the German Empire more or less ends in well... not the sort of warlord thing that you would...
  14. Basileus_Komnenos

    Territorial extent and Political Ramifications of a Surviving Austria-Hungary from a Successful Sixtus Affair

    In a desperate attempt to end the chaos of the war, Kaiser Karl I of Ausria Hungary tried to broker a separate peace agreement with the Entente through his brother-in-law Prince Sixtus of Bourbon-Parma. In otl the negotiations largely fell through because of the Austrian Foreign Minister...
  15. What if Germany won WW1 after overwhelming the French Army in the 1918 spring offensive

    What would postwar Europe look like if Germany had one World War One? This thread will be divided into multiple parts, the first will focus on the immediate postwar effects of German victory, peace treaties, borders, in the years from 1918-1922, the second part, will focus on events from...
  16. What if Germany won World War One after overwhelming the French Army before reinforcements arrive from America

    What would postwar Europe look like if Germany had one World War One? This thread will be divided into multiple parts, the first will focus on the immediate postwar effects of German victory, peace treaties, borders, in the years from 1918-1922, the second part, will focus on events from...
  17. Fates of the Central Powers in an earlier Entente victory?

    Hello again, as the title says what would happen to Bulgaria, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottomans if the allies had won the Great War a year or two early? For this TL I'm going to actually be using the one where Rossevelt wins the 1912 election and uses the Invasion of Belgium...
  18. CHKeeley

    Could a Victorious Central Powers hold on to the Ukraine?

    Earlier today I was reading a short paper entitled The German Occupation of the Ukraine in 1918: A Documentary Account by Xenia Eudin about the development of an independent Ukraine in 1917, the interactions between the Central Rada and Germany, the German coup d’etat and installing the puppet...
  19. Softer WW1 Treaties

    What terms could have been the least hard for the Central Powers?
  20. Bomster

    AHC: Have a socialist revolution break out in Great Britain after WW1

    As the title says, have a revolution break out in Great Britain upon or after the conclusion of the First World War. Bonus points if you have France go Red too. And extra bonus points if Germany is the victor of WW1.