What if Germany won World War One after overwhelming the French Army before reinforcements arrive from America

What would postwar Europe look like if Germany had one World War One? This thread will be divided into multiple parts, the first will focus on the immediate postwar effects of German victory, peace treaties, borders, in the years from 1918-1922, the second part, will focus on events from 1923-1933, the third part will focus on events from 1934-1949, the fourth part will focus on events from 1950-1970, the fifth part will focus on 1971-1990, the sixth part will be for events from 1991-2016, the seventh part will be for events in 2016-futur, when posting, please indicate which part you’re posting for, and also wait for me to move to the next part before moving on, please be respectful to other people’ thoughts and ideas, and no politics allowed. Part one will be out shortly.